Whether you are vacationing in Dubai or on a business trip to China. Maybe you are just paying a visit to a family friend or attending a ceremony in South Africa. Whatever the case may be, one of the horror stories that come with traveling is- extra weight. The weight that cost you energy and a lot of time has now broken the maximum you have always wanted. Well, those enticing sushi cannot be restricted. Besides, who get time to work out while vacationing? Anna Deeter, a fitness guru who through her personal experience in fitness and staying fit, inspire and mentor women to do the same.  Here are amazing tips she shared to ensure you stay healthy and fit while on the go.

Eat right

Nothing can be more enticing and tempting that that delicious street food. However, most times, not all that glitters are gold. Not only are you left in the ignorance on the health and safety of the food, but also the nutrients composition, the fats, and calories it contains.

On the other hand, ensure you eat the right and well. This sure comes with a lot of discipline and self-restraint.  Keep healthy snacks and fruits at your beck and call when the hunger pangs come knocking. Remember, never miss breakfast. This is what boosts your energy to face the day with confidence. Food rich in protein and fiber for a three-meal and two snacks a day will do.

Take a walk

Take time to breathe in the city and see what it offers. While traveling, take a break at few stops to take a walk and stretch your legs. Not only are you putting the muscles to work but you are also breathing in the fresh air.

Moreover, while in the city, spare some time daily to walk around the environment, breathe it in and see what it has to offer. Be a loner sometimes and escape to nature to get enthralled in its beauty.


The importance of sleeping to help stay healthy can never be overemphasized. Traveling and getting out of your accustomed routine can be challenging, no doubt. However, ensure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a day to get your mind, body, and soul together.

It’s time to disconnect from the digital world

If you have tried turning off your mobiles without the sounds and alerts, you can say how refreshing that can be. There is more to life than social media or the internet and disconnecting from it is one way to have a better view of the outside world.


I know life can be busy, but a few minutes of exercise promises refreshment, energy, and motivation to get you going. Moreover, keep in shape and stay healthy, exercise is a must! Anna Deeter suggests these exercises while away from home.

  • Make a mental note to exercise daily.
  • Get on your hotel room floor and do the full-body workout such as push-ups, skater lunges, crunches, and so on.
  • Get a hotel with a gym or visit nearby a gym that offers day passes.
  • Ditch elevators for stairs.
  • Go hiking, mountaineering, dare yourself to try a new sport.
  • Ensure to take a walk daily.
  • Check out the easy simple workout on youtube that you can practice.
  • Involve in the breathing exercise to detoxify the body and mind.

Here are useful tips by Anna Deeter to not only make you be in shape but also ensure you stay healthy when the travel needs arise.