There are two types of people in the world; the first are hoarders, the second are disposers. The first like to keep and collect household items in packing cardboard boxes, and the second like to clean the house by disposing of as many things as possible to keep their houses looking clean and tidy. The first are constantly needing more storage space in your home, because as your possessions increase over the years, it becomes a real problem. So here’s to the hoarders; some top storage ideas for a small house.


  • Always utilise hallway storage for cardboard packing boxes for moving house. Too many people use their hallways simply as hallways, which are useless for anything other than getting from one room to another. There are many different types of storage that can be utilised in hallways. Long benches are a great example, with storage underneath the bench, or cupboards under the stairs too. Hallway hooks are perfect for hanging up clothing and other objects too, and they will look great in your home.
  • Enhance your living space with versatile storage. Use your imagination to find new ways to produce storage space. Storage sofas are an example of something that virtually no houses make the most of, and don’t even know exist, but they can provide lots of storage space which you didn’t know existed.
  • Bedroom storage is another place that you can use imagination to find extra room. Under the bed is the obvious place, but what about behind your headboard? There can be lots of extra room back there that is not being utilised.
  • Wall storage space in the kitchen for packing boxes for moving is often not utilized to its fullest, and is often only filled with cooking utensils but in reality there might be lots of other space on the walls around those cupboards that can use some filling. It is easy to find cupboards which you can put up anywhere in the home on the walls, and you can find them in most homeware shops.
  • Garden storage like sheds are vital, and you can store more into them than just tools and garden tools. You can utilise the space on the walls of the shed, and nobody can see into a shed so it will always look tidy and clean.
  • Benches can be put into your garden, with storage space below the bench. This is a great idea, and not many households use this option. Benches can provide loads of space, and it will go unnoticed.