Looking for convincing subscription boxes? Here is how you can master the art of box printing to improve the number of subscribers.

As the competition in the retail industry gets tougher, the packaging is being touted as the king of marketing regimes. Subscription services are on the rise and customers are willing to give in for valuable and reliable deliveries of their favorite products. As a matter of fact, the subscription box industry is growing at 100% every year. A leading poll suggests that by 2023, about 75% of e-commerce brands would sell in the form of subscription boxes.

If you are just starting in the lucrative subscription industry or want to refine your packaging, this article can guide you on how to ace building subscription boxes.

What are subscription products?

Subscription products, as the name suggests, are commodities that customers wish to get every month. The products can range from food items, medicines, cosmetics, and candles to name a few. You can have your list of subscription products that are generally seen being delivered to the neighborhood.

The basic reason that customers prefer monthly subscriptions is that they:

  • Cost less than ordering items on daily basis.
  • Products get delivered right outside the door.
  • Subscription boxes. The packaging allures many buyers to make a purchase.

We are here to discuss the last point because this is what is taking the retail world by storm and has culminated into a new way to make profits.

However, before diving into the creative steps involved for the boxes’ creation, there are certain main factors you must consider:

Financial resources

Before starting any business, financial limitations need to be put on the table. These influence every business activity including designing the subscription boxes.

An average subscription box investment costs $10,000 but varies depending on the scale of your business and the products inside. The best element here is that the shipping costs and packaging expenses fairly stay consistent and so the total expenditure can be calculated beforehand.

Time and effort

How many labor hours can you spare for packaging? Subscription boxes are sent monthly; considerable time and effort are invested to package the products and ship them accordingly. The most profitable element that ticks with customers are personalization on the boxes and it takes time to design the boxes as such.

You must also ensure that the suppliers send packaging boxes on time so delays are avoided. Customers expect their orders to reach within the stated time slot. Otherwise, persistent late deliveries can be hazardous and result in loss of business.

Place in the marketing mix

Subscription boxes need a sufficient place to be stored and packaged. If you are looking to start in this industry, then you need to consider the 3rd P in marketing.

Clustered spaces dampen productivity and the boxes may be subject to damage before they are sent to the customers. Adequate production area makes for quicker worktime, lowers errors, and keeps the boxes safe.

box printing

How do start designing the subscription boxes?

Once you are done setting up the business, the next step is to style the subscription boxes. This is crucial to satisfy buyers, lure new customers, and recover investment costs.

  • Box printing to educate buyers

How do you tell customers about the box printing brand? The whole point of creating unique subscription boxes is to elevate the brand appeal. Without introducing the brand, this is not possible to achieve.

Planning is the first phase of printing. It must include:

  1. The brand image consisting the brand title and distinct logo.
  2. The product info.
  3. Business contact details.
  4. Graphics that fairly represent the products and brand values.
  5. Marketing content that makes for an engaging read.

Printing is what makes the subscription boxes worth the customers’ attention and interest. Many food retailers use alluring culinary images to attach higher worth to their products. Printing safety precautions work better with electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Certain government authorities make specific product info compulsory for printing on the packaging. Customers trust brands that convey maximum details. It adds to the overall purchase experience.

  • Be mindful of industry trends

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the competitors’ packaging and branding choices. You don’t have to copy them though; these are taken as inspirations to think out-of-the-box and also assess what ticks with the customers.

Cosmetic companies send their subscription boxes in corrugated mailers. This saves materials and keeps the contents undamaged. It is a good practice to follow. New brands can add a variation in box designs and colors for brand differentiation. Similarly, when brands start to sell a high number of subscription boxes, a more sustainable packaging choice is needed to keep costs low and comply with increased printing processes. Currently, most subscription brands choose bio-degradable packaging material to be more responsive to the environment and encourage customers to lower their carbon footprints.

  • Select experienced branded box manufacturers

Are you worried about going through the packaging trouble alone? Well, there are pro box makers that ease out the process for you.

The trick is to consider the following when picking the best printing partner:

  1. Pro-type subscription boxes. Assess the quality of the boxes. You may ask for free samples first.
  2. Delivery times. You don’t want your customers to wait longer for the subscription products. Ideally, box makers must provide packaging boxes within 4-5 working days.
  3. Cost of the boxes. Make sure market competitive prices are offered. Spending unnecessarily on the boxes makes it harder to recover the costs rapidly.
  4. Effective supervision. Box makers must deliver the boxes without errors. Customers dislike faulty boxes and missing certain important branding features can lower marketing productivity.

Also, avoiding rookies and settling for expert box designers creates a win-win situation.


Box printing is used creatively for subscription boxes with the tips mentioned in this article. The subscription industry is filled with brands. Yours can stand out once the boxes comply with these essential guidelines.