We are sure that almost every day you watch your roof just like the way you look at other roofs when you step out of your home. But you hardly analyze how critical the mechanism is which is used for the designing of the roofs. Implementation of cutting edge technology is done in making of the roofs. We decided to share with you some very interesting and perhaps unknown facts about roofing which many roofing contractors’ phoenix AZ will not share with you.

What are these roofing facts?

  • The area where you stay will ensure the style of roof you have: It’s a typical roofing fact the look and pattern of the roof will vary from one location to other depending on the weather and climatic nature. For example, Gable roofs, are good for locations with a colder climate and heavy snowfall. On the other hand, Hipped roofs, are excellent wind resistant and suitable for areas with windy weather. Flat roofs are ideal for the location with the scarcity of water with low rainfall.
  • In reality, the flat roof is not flat: In maximum cases, we all get fooled by accepting the fact that flat roofs are absolute flat ones. But the reality is that such roofs are not flat and in general have slight slopes which are bare minimum 1/4th inch per foot. It is needed to smoothen the process of water draining from the roof.
  • Covering up existing roof is a wrong decision: Most of us prefer to go for quick fixing of roofing problems by investing in double layering to hide the bigger roofing issues. What exactly it does is increasing the roof weight by hiding the problems. This increases the propensity of the problem. It is always advisable to change the complete roof and replace the same with a new one.
  • DIY for fixing roofing problems is not a wise choice: You will come across many videos and tutorials which will guide you about the right way of fixing many roofing problems. As we earlier said that roofing is a complex process and so mere DIY steps cannot fix it correctly. You always need roofing contractor Phoenix assistance to fix the problems correctly. They have the right set of tools and materials available with them with skilled knowledge about handling roofing related problems.
  • A problematic or damaged roof can lower down your property value: What is a roof? The roof is that important section of a house that provides shelter and protection to the property. A good roof is a key selling factor to fetch a good price for your property in case you wish to sell it. A roof with missing tiles or shingles, leak, crack or any other sign of non-maintenance will automatically lower down the price of the property and you will not get what you desired. Phoenix roofing companies are having expertise in rectifying or perfectly installing a roof. Avail their services from time to time to maintain your roof health.
  • A quality roof can be a great asset for the environment: Wondering how can this be possible? cool roofs are known as environment-friendly roofs that are competent to reflect ultraviolet or infrared rays of the sun. It effectively supports the homeowners in making conservation of energy besides reducing air pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Responsible citizens of this planet earth will surely invest in cool roofs to make their share of contributions towards energy conservation.
  • Your roof needs to breathe: We are sure that it may sound your real funny when you hear about roof breathing. But honestly it is very true and we need to make sure that it breathes. The roof needs air. Roof ventilation means the flow of air which happens at the underside of the roof deck. It is a critical aspect of the complete roofing system. The presence of Roof ventilation encourages the warm and moist air to move out and welcomes cool, dry air to move in. Lack of ventilation will make condensation develop in the attic, which will in turn damage the walls, wood as well as roof insulation.

Final Words From The Arizona Roofers

Above are some of the most surprising facts about roofs that are not known to many. We recommend you to avail roofing services in Phoenix at specific intervals to ensure that your roof remains healthy and can serve you longer. There are many companies which are offering exceptional quality roofing services and that too at an affordable price range. We recommend you to compare the market rates and company reviews before you end up making the final selection of the company to get your roofing work done. Make your house a heavenly place with a strong roof for shelter.