Tara Beane wasn’t a celebrity until her marriage to Billy Beane who once played baseball. They both met at a young age, became friends, and husband and wife later. This wasn’t the first time Billy got married. He married again after he divorced his first wife, Cathy.

Tara Beane’s marriage to Billy

Tara Beane married Billy over twenty years ago. Their union is a loving one and the couple loves each other so much. Tara and Billy lived in California, U.S.A. when they were young. That was how they met and became friends and later lovers. In 2008, the union produced two kids, and they are twins. The twins are still schooling in the U.S. and their lives are kept private.

Tara’s childhood

Tara will be 59 in August 2023. The lady with a Leo sign is a native of California. She is a Christian and comes from a mixed background. She liked keeping pets when she was young and she still does.

Billy Beane, Tara’s husband

Billy is a celebrity sportsman. He was once a former baseballer in the U.S. professional team before he retired. While in active service, Billy was well respected in his field and other players valued his opinion. He retired as a professional player and got hitched to Tara Beane in a private event. As of 2023, their marriage will clock 24 years. Additionally, the couple is still very much in love and is not divorced, unlike other celebrity marriages out there.

About Billy’s Career

Billy went to college in the US and graduated successfully many years ago. He played baseball professionally before he retired. Billy’s position on the field is as an outfielder. He was part of more than two major baseball teams in the U.S.

His career as an executive

After his retirement, he went into a career in sport management and became an executive. He has held many executive positions since then. He first started his second career as a scouting official before he got promoted to manager. Later on, he became a VP in the company but had to leave that position. He left because the responsibilities he had to carry out were too much for him to handle. Nevertheless, he learned many lessons and used those lessons at his next job. As a result, his performance improved, and he even got accolades from his peers.

Tara and her husband’s relationship

Unlike most celebrity couples that fake their loving relationship on the internet, Tara has a lovely marriage with Billy. Sources close to them said that both have genuine feelings. Billy’s friends were happy he fell in love again for the second time. Tara and Billy started talking again and love grew between them. Therefore, they decided to seal the union in the only way possible, marriage. Tara understood her wedding vows of “for better or worse”. This is evidenced by how she stood by Billy during his hard times.

Tara Beane and Billy Beane’s kids

tara beane and billy beane kids

Billy became a father for the first time through his ex-wife, Cathy. Cathy gave birth to a girl for Billy before the duo separated. Then Billy has two boys with his current wife, Tara. Hence, Billy has three children, while Tara has two children and a stepdaughter from her marriage to Billy. According to a source, Tara Beane takes her role as a wife and mother seriously. She is always helpful whenever her relatives need her assistance. And unlike some other celebrity wives that cheat on their husbands, Tara takes her wedding vows seriously. She has never cheated ever since she got married.

Tara’s features

Tara still maintains a youthful look despite her age. She’s around 165 cm tall and very lovely with her curvy figure, amber eyes, and brown hair.

Tara’s educational background

Tara’s educational background is a mystery to many. Only people close to her know her educational history. Her love for keeping her life private makes it impossible to know this. But some people claim that she was in school last year. However, Tara hasn’t confirmed the rumor.

Tara’s social media personality

Tara is different from many families of professional sportsmen who stay in the limelight. She prefers to keep a low profile and doesn’t like to be in the gossip news. She is a regular woman who loves regular events. But sometimes, she doesn’t have a choice as she needs to attend many social functions.

Tara and Billy’s net worth

Billy is rich and is worth over $20 million. He amassed his wealth from his former baseball career and his executive jobs. Currently, Billy earns a yearly three million dollars at his current place of work. For Tara, her net worth is speculated to be nearly 600,000 dollars, but her source of wealth is a secret.


In summary, Tara Beane is a woman who prioritizes her family over fame. She is someone who appreciates the value of family and is a professional working woman who loves her family. When you get to know her, you will appreciate her for the lovely person she is.