The situation that the world faced in this year alone has been nothing short of unprecedented events. The pandemic alone has changed the course of our legacy. We have been pushed to change not only our lifestyle but also how we travel, work, and almost all aspects of our life. 

This reveals the aspect of survival that is embedded in the human spirit. 

Human beings have been the dominant species on earth just because of this one fact that can survive about just anything. Similarly, the pandemic has seen people survive, the plight of the industry has also been seen and fought. 

One of the remedies to the incurable pandemic was to work from home so that we can fight the economic clampdown. So the biggest question of this pandemic stricken era is how to keep the remote workers intact and the business booming to some extent. 

What is employee monitoring using the best task tracking software 

Even though this is one topic or phrase that has been discussed and worked upon more than once and from all available possible angles. These included moral, ethical, profitable, and much more. Still, in layman terms, employee monitoring refers to the process in which a team member or worker is being looked upon or being supervised, either virtually or manually. This was looked down upon, it was not until formal work from home was applied globally. This is a phrase that is now synonyms everywhere. 

The moral and ethical questions will always be there and they must be addressed all in their own time. Staff Timer App believes that employee monitoring is only limited to task tracking and it should be limited to that. 

What are the types of employee monitoring using best task tracking software

 There are several types of employee monitoring that are being used by employers all over the world which raises questions regarding employee integrity. So instead of getting deeper into this conundrum, let’s have a birds-eye view:

Surveillance: This is a very strict observation tool that refers to constant and non-stop monitoring of your employee. It is a sheer disregard of employee integrity that does not allow privacy. 

URL Tracking: this is also a form of unethical tracking as it tracks not only the internet usage but also the URLs that an employee visits during their office hour and in some cases as the app keeps on running in the background when they are not working. This is nothing less than a breach of privacy

Task tracking: this is a softer and viable alternative for employee tracking as it is concerned with task tracking and only tracks your task progress. It does not concern itself with internet usage or URL tracking. 

 We have established one thing that employee monitoring is not comfortable for most of the employees using the best task tracking software. The reason this question is still relevant is because of the vibe and the SOP’s induced in this pandemic

Is employee monitoring using the best task tracking software going to stay? 

This is an interesting question, there have been several trends that come and go like the mom jeans. This trend however carries much more weight in its inception than most of the trends the world has seen and endured. So to openly answer this question is yes and no might not be possible as it acts as deterrence against any supposed data breach that might occur while working from home using the best task tracking software. However, given the circumstances and the usage of this feature and how it can be integrated to meet the different demands of the employer all according to the industry they work in. This might just stay a little longer than first expected. 


The world currently is in the midst of a paradigm shift, and anytime in history, this has happened it has shaped the future of generations. Anyone who disagrees with it can disagree but it still doesn’t change the fact that our old ways do not work anymore and an update has been pending ever since. 

One of these updates has to be in our lifestyle not only our living but how we proceed and approach our professions. They must be changed at all costs, with a risk of climate change and increased carbon emission, increased and rapid industrialization last but not the least global warming. All of these reasons combined point in a single direction, apart from planting more trees it demands a decrease in carbon emission by curbing the traffic on roads. With all that being said one can safely presume and assume that remote work is the future and as long as that is induced the stay of employee monitoring might just prolong.