The right styles of tiles for bathroom can make a big difference to the entire space creating a relaxing and wonderful place that suits your style! These days, there no restrictions on designs and patterns used in bathrooms ranging from a concrete finish to the metallic tile designs. Here are the 10 best tiles for bathroom that can blend perfectly with your home décor:

  1. Porcelain Tiles– If you are looking for durable tiles for bathroom, Porcelain is the best choice for you. This type of tiling material is durable, sturdy and highly water-resistant. Besides, the chances of getting stains on it are also minimal, and there can be impressive styles to choose from. It is worth an investment as you get a plethora of options from matt to glossy effects.
  2. Ceramic Tiles- Ceramic is another popularly used material similar to Porcelain, but it is not fine. Again, it is a very durable option, and the best part is the flawless look it creates on the floors and walls. These tiles are cost-effective and require minimum maintenance, but they can impart a luxurious look to your bathroom space.
  3. Marble tiles- If you want a royal touch to the bathroom, marble is the perfect material for your space. It is not just subtle and pretty but gives an ideal texture and finish to the bathroom design. This classic stone goes in sync with the conventional and modern décor themes and creates a perfect look for your bathroom. For a timeless style, nothing can beat the marble tiles!
  4. Mosaic Tiles- Amongst the latest trends in tiles for bathroom, Mosaic tiles are a popular one. It prepares out of multiple tiling materials such as glass, marble and ceramic. These tiny designer pieces combine to form a fascinating and marvelous effect available in a wide range of patterns and colors. You can use mosaic tiles for a specific bathroom wall to give a mesmerizing effect to the whole bathroom area.
  5. Limestone tiles– Natural-tone schemes and subtle designs of these tiles are commonly accessible in grey, brown and beige shades. It is a porous material, but these tiles’ versatile touch can result in beautiful bathroom design.
  6. Hexagon Tiles- If you desire a bathroom with a robust and classic finish, hexagon tiles must be your favorite choice. As this tiling material is tough and scratch-resistant, you do not have to worry about its chipping as well. There are multiple textures, colors and stunning designs available in slate tiles having numerous sizes and shapes.
  7. Wood floor TilesWood floor Tiles are an affordable yet sturdy bathroom tiling option that enhances your space’s bathroom appearance. Colors and designs in this option are endless, and you can also get the stone of wooden finish tiles in this option.
  8. Pebble Tiles- Also commonly referred to as river rock tiles, it is a popular option to impart a natural effect to the bathroom. It imparts a decorative touch to your bathroom area.
  9. Terracotta Tiles- Opt for these tiles to create a Mediterranean vibrancy to the bathroom area. Its earthy shades of reddish and orange combinations gives a dramatic effect on the place.
  10. Glass Tiles- Create an exotic and subtle effect to your bathroom with this glass tiles style. They make the place look spacious and create some dynamic impact on it.

So these are the top tiles for the bathroom to redefine the bathroom aesthetics freshly!