Tile and grout are two main areas of a house that are often covered with dust, grime and grease. Soap scum and hard water in the shower areas ruin tile and grout. Flooring also gets dirty with human treading, dirty mop water and food and beverage spills. Acidic cleaners often cause etching on the surface, leaving a nasty mark. Often because of dampness, you might find mold and mildew breeding on tile and grout. All these issues need to be checked and treated if you want to maintain the beauty of your floorings for long. There are many floor cleaners available on Big Box Stores, which claim to clean your surfaces well, but when  you actually use them, you find them of poor quality. You need a heavy duty and high-quality floor tile grout cleaner to eliminate these deep-rooted stains and mold from your surfaces.

Tile and Grout Maintenance

Tile and grout need to be maintained regularly to keep these nasty stains away from the surface. Here we have mentioned some tips on how to clean and maintain tile and grout.

Tips on Proper Cleaning Tile and Grout:

  • Do not use acidic cleaners for cleaning tile and grout. These cause etching and sometimes even permanent damage on the surface.
  • In case of food spills or oil spills, it is better to blot the spill with a tissue or a blotting paper, rather than spreading it all over the surface with a cloth while wiping.
  • Ensure that you keep your surfaces clean and dry at all times. Moist tile and grout welcome mold and mildew to breed on their surfaces. Mold and mildew not only leave a greenish black stain, ruining the look of your surfaces, but also cause health hazards such as respiratory and eye problems. They also reek of a bad odour.
  • Cleaning your tile and grout with a good quality floor tile grout cleaner will eliminate all the germs, stains and mold, giving you sparkling clean surfaces.
  • Recolor your grout  using color grout sealer, which can be pigmented close to your tile shade and enhance its look.

Tips on Proper Maintaining Tile and Grout:

  • In order to maintain your grout, you need to check for cracked or missing grout. If you have empty spaces in your grout, water gets stagnant inside them, offering favorable circumstances for germ breeding. You can repair your missing or cracked grout using a grout filler and then sealing it to ensure that it becomes waterproof.
  • In order to maintain your tile, you need to check for cracks and chips. If you have cracks and chips on your tile and ignore them, water will get accumulated inside, leading to germ breeding. You need to seal the crevices using a strong epoxy resin filler.
  • Cleaning your surfaces thoroughly does not guarantee that your tile and grout will not get dirty again. You need to seal your tile and grout with a clear solvent topical sealer, which not only creates a hydrophilic layer on your surface, but also makes it waterproof.
  • After cleaning and sealing your surfaces, it is best to maintain your tile and grout regularly using a maintenance cleaner to remove the dirt and dust that settles on the top.

pFOkUS – One of the leading tile and grout restoration products manufacturing companies in the US manufactures some useful restoration products. Read on further to know about our powerful cleaners and other accessories to help you in cleaning.

Tile and Grout Products

Cleaning Tile and Grout with an Impeccable Cleaner:

Grout and natural stone tile are porous and tend to absorb moisture. The dampness inside causes mold to breed. Some tough stains also penetrate the pores of the tile and grout leading to staining. Imperia Deep Clean performs a thorough cleaning by removing all these deep-rooted stains and mold. Our impeccable floor tile grout cleaner is a deep-penetrating liquid, which enters into the surface of tile and grout, knocking off the mold and mildew breeding inside.

Imperia - a Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

Maintaining  Tile and grout Using a Good Quality Maintenance Cleaner:

Sealed tile and grout also get superficial stains and dust. We manufacture a tile and grout cleaner that acts as a fresh cleaner and removes all the grime, superficial stains and dust accumulating on the surface, to reveal a sparkling, fresh and clean surface behind. Imperia Maintenance Cleaner  makes your weekly maintenance jobs easier and effortless.

Cleaning Grout with a Useful Tool:

A proper grout cleaning brush aids in the cleaning procedure and makes your cleaning jobs easier. We also manufacture a very convenient cleaning tool  – grout brush, which gives your cleaning a boost with its perfectly designed V-notched bristles. It swivels in the direction you want and gives you a seamless cleaning experience.

All these products can help you clean and maintain your tile and grout efficiently. pFOkUS is always dedicated to helping its customers and making their jobs easier and effortless.

Author Bio

This article has been penned by Ensley – an employee of pFOkUS. Having worked with this company for a few years now, I have understood the importance of tile and grout cleaning and maintaining, both of which are a storehouse of germs, bacteria and mold. I am amazed at how efficiently pFOkUS has managed to tackle these issues with a range of exemplary products. I recommend everyone reading this blog to at least try these products once to know their worth.