Top 10 Embarrassing Posts on Pulwama Attack

On 14 Feb 2019, where a whole world celebrate Loveday “The Valentine Day”, but for India, it was the black day. The terrorist attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama district of Jammu Kashmir. More than 40 jawans were martyred. It was a terrorist attack when a convoy of 78 Vehicles, with more than 2500 CRPF personnel was going to Srinagar from Jammu. This incident is about 3:15 pm. At Lethpora near Awantipora, A vehicle full of Explosive collides with a CRPF bus, causing 40 soldiers to die and many wounded. The bus was destroyed badly and along with the other vehicles also got affected, the terrorists started rushing with the bullets on the CRPF compartment. It is believed to be the most dangerous terrorist attack to date. The whole country is in mourning by the terrorists attack.

Every citizen of the country is angry and condolence with this cowardly attack of terrorists. Everyone is expressing their own opinions. Some people are performing on the streets and some people are expressing their anger by posting on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platforms. There are some people who are celebrating and expressing their happiness on this terrorist attack. In these posts, they are seen supporting the attack.

Here is the list of top 10 embarrassing tweets by the peoples on this terrorist attack:

  1. Basim Hilal

Basim Hilal


2. Ansar




3. Mazhar Hashmi



4. Nidhi Sethi


5. Vaibhav Shamsher Rana



6. Mohd Osama


7. Aabid Malik


8. K Aysir Rashid


9. Manbir Singh Grewal



10. Papri Z Banerjee


This list is very long with the shameless tweets by the terrorist supporters. Now some of them have been removed from their accounts and the government of India takes action on it. Peoples has arrested, rusticate from the colleges and lose their jobs. How such a person can celebrate the martyrdom of young people in the country.

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