Last year, was a very impressive, decisive year for the nutraceutical industry. It gave many new demonstrations to the customers such as impeccable knowledge of food, beverages, nutraceutical products, cosmetics, etc. It is expected that the trends that were addressed in 2018 may retain their momentum and carry forward into 2019. So here with the help of Shedir Pharma – a well-known pharma company, we have compiled a list of five trends anticipated to shape the industry this year.


Nutricosmetics are one of the prevailing trends that have taken up the momentum. The idea of taking a nutraceutical pill that can prevent hair from growing white and avoid the aging of skin has become a popular one. For instance, the nutraceutical pill containing Vitamin C can be beneficial for the skin as it reduces the free radicals in the skin. This trend is rising to propagate in nutricosmetics, with products offering similar targeted benefits. Just like the nutricosmetics, Casa Albergo ShedirPharma, villa d’argento shedir pharma Srl is well-known for its beauty all over the world.


Cannabis shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The use of cannabis in certain food supplements can be beneficial for health if taken in an appropriate amount. There are many countries that have prohibited the use of cannabis. Also, the FDA has stated that the use of cannabis can’t be included in food, drinks or supplements. But in some countries where it is legalized has grown its market and is booming. With its certain benefits, the companies are making more market and money with the CBD products. Also, the products containing CBD display the amount of Cannabis present in the product in order to maintain awareness and security.

Supplements for Man’s Best Friend

Nowadays, pets play an essential role in every owner’s life. Pet owners are more concerned regarding the quality of the food that their pets consume rather than theirs. We can say that the popularity of pet supplements have been on shelves. Purchasing high-quality nutraceutical food supplements have become a trend. And in order to provide such foods, many companies are researching on such supplements and making money.

Plastic Packaging Problems

Plastic is a material that is very challenging to decompose. So in order to maintain the market, many nutraceutical companies have taken their eye off from the plastic packaging. Also, they are looking for alternatives. And to look good in front of others they are recycling the plastic and reusing it so that they can improve their companies reputation.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition has made its market all around the world. Peoples of different age groups take nutrition in order to maintain their muscles and execute hard workouts. This widened market opens the door for businesses to design products.

According to the Shedir Pharma – these were the five Nutraceutical Trends of 2019. There is no lack of possibilities in the nutraceutical industry. All signs point to 2019 being a good year for nutraceuticals, particularly for those who embrace new opportunities to increase their product offerings and client base.