Are you ready to celebrate father’s day? Needless to say, the day becomes more special when you celebrate a day with your loved ones. And of course with amazing gifts and scrumptious food. For most people, the most difficult task is to look for a gift, especially when it is about your loving father. Don’t you agree?

If your father is a nature lover and love doing gardening or decorating home with plants, here are some best-rugged plants options for him. Let’s explore these option together with the experts of Plantgrowpick.


Codiaeum is one of the most desirable plant and popular as Asian star. The beauty of its leaves is hard to ignore. It can bring a lot of beauty to your father’s life and of course to your home. Most people may not know that this plant has the ability to grow to shrub size, and does not need much watering. Every day remind him to go and spray the plants, this way your dad and plant will get closer.


Most people love Philodendron plants for its sizeable leaves that keep the indoor air fresh. According to most people believes this plant is a symbol of health and abundance. If this is true, what could be the best gift for your father on this father’s day? So, if you are seeking a plant that not only stays close to your dad but also brings health and joy in his life, gifts him this plant.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are popular for their spiky leaves that emerge directly from the soil. You may not know that this plant basically belongs to a dessert. And this is the reason why this plant used to be warm and dry. Therefore, it is advisable to water this plant regularly. If you think your dad won’t miss watering this plant, you can buy one for him on this father’s day. One more secret about this plant, which definitely most people don’t know, the plant also known as mother-in-law’s tongue.


Schefflera is popular among people because of its Feng shui trait. According to Chinese, its leaf fingers contain positive vibes which bring wealth in the house. Wow! Imagine you are giving a plant to your dad that only looks beautiful but also capable to bring wealth and prosperity into his life. And if you are one of those who do not believe in Feng Shui, why don’t you try with this plant, if Feng Shui actually works or not? A wise man rightly said, what you believe, you get!


Scindapsus is also popular for its heart-shaped leaves, which actually brings luck, and prosperity in the life of the owner. If you have a gallery at home, place it there as it will add beauty to your gallery and gives it an amazing look. Gifting your father a plant that brings luck will definitely bring a win-win situation for him.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the few good father’s day gift ideas suggested by Plantgrowpick experts that you can consider for your nature-loving dad on this father’s day.