A surveyor performs the task of land surveying in which he checks boundaries and verifies documents according to which boundaries of the land can be set. He applies many concepts in order to survey the land and these concepts include eagles, elevations and boundaries. All these processes are done with the help of geometry and other mathematical calculations.

There is much equipment that a land surveyor uses in order to perform these land surveying. Nowadays special AutoCAD software is also being used for the purpose. The surveyor uses this software to make a map regarding the measurements.

Land Surveying

Types of surveys

Many types of land surveying must be conducted by a surveyor and these types are discussed here:

Mortgage Surveys:

Another name of this type of survey is a title survey. Many companies, mortgage lenders and banks opt for this type of survey. The aim is to check whether the part of any other land is coming in the survey of the current land. Mortgage surveys are conducted in order to check the location of trees, and other details of the property.


ALTA/ACSM Surveys:

Here the land surveying is conducted for commercial real estate. The survey is conducted to know improvement in relation to the boundaries. The survey also checks the easement, waterfronts, zoning classifications and other things related to the property. It is considered as one of the most expensive surveys, which people must conduct. The duration of this survey is also very long which can take around two weeks to many months.


Boundary Surveys:

This survey is conducted to check records and field research. The surveyor must check the corners of the boundary line. The survey is conducted based on state law and many things are included in this survey like encroachments, easement lines, and many others. This type of survey can be conducted in a very short time, but this depends on the size of the land. It takes a few hours only to complete this survey.

Land Surveying

Construction Surveys:

Now, land surveying is conducted at such places where construction is to be done. The survey is based on vertical and horizontal grading of the land. Staking is also conducted so that workers can know where the improvement has to be done to make the construction stable and strong.

Location Surveys:

The survey is the same as a boundary survey, but more information related to the improvement of the interior of the property is conducted here. This kind of land surveying requires zoning permit and loan applications.

Site Planning Surveys:

This is the combination of topographic surveys and boundary surveys. This type of survey is conducted on the site where industrial or commercial construction is to be done. Other areas where this survey is done include a playground, stores, and houses. A development permit is required in order to start the construction on the site.

Subdivision Surveys:

Itis used to divide the land into small parts. Such a survey is needed by a government in order to construct streets, drainage, and other things. The constructors must take permission from the zoning board or planning commission to start the construction.

Topographic Surveys:

A professional civil engineer must perform this kind of survey. They must detect topographic features on the construction site. These features include road, ditches, watercourses and many more. A map is created for all the results to be shown on it.

These are the various kinds of land surveying that can be conducted on the construction sites. Different types of professionals are needed to conduct all these surveys and they use various types of tools for the purpose.