Web development is the talk of the town. It is one of the fastest-growing domains in the IT industry. As digitization is increasing and more and more businesses are shifting towards creating their online identity, the need for website and web development continues to multiply. 

Web development has now expanded into a broader domain, as compared to previous times when it was just limited to the development of static web pages that showed information regarding the business.

Today, there are almost 2 billion live websites on the internet, and each one from this list is unique. Making an impressive website is highly important to draw traffic towards your website. 

Every business develops a website once and then doesn’t bother updating its design, look, functionality, and other important stuff. This doesn’t seem right and is harmful to your business’s reputation. If you want your visitors to keep returning to your business website for purchases or interaction, you should keep following the new and upcoming trends in the industry. 

Today, in this article, we will uncover ten web development trends that are expected to rise in 2021.

1. Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive Web Applications is a relatively new sort of technology that troupes the advantages of both a website and an application. Many businesses are leveraging this new technology in today’s time and developing web pages that can also be used as applications. 

PWAs are focused on catering to the same user experience across mobile devices and larger screen devices like laptops and desktops. PWAs enable developers to serve their website even when the user is not connected to the internet service.

It is a great way to accept data from users and then keep it in cache until the device is connected to internet services. Once the device is connected to internet service, the data is then synchronized with the application’s server and database.

Another intriguing truth that shows that we ought to anticipate that PWAs should rise is, in 2019, 65% to 70% of web-based shopping exchanges were made through cell phones from the organizations’ sites. This obviously shows that the number of visitors using mobile devices is expanding at a quick rate, and organizations should take a stab at switching to PWAs to give a similar customized consistent experience across all gadgets.

PWAs are relatively easy to develop as they are based on simple web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So they are even cost-effective to create.

2. Single Page Applications: 

The primary reason for the advent of this trend is due to the increase in popularity of JavaScript frameworks that facilitate developing complex as well as simple applications which consist of only one page.

Single-page applications are considered highly secure as they require less communication with web pages. Traditional websites mostly opened new web pages for every action that took place on the page, this resulted in more page load times, and lesser security was offered in this approach. As data had to be transferred from one page to another in redirections, there arose a risk of data breaches. 

Another substantial explanation that upholds SPA’s ascent in 2021 as a web development trend is that it appears to be profoundly quick to the clients. The exhibition of Single Page Applications is excessively quick from customary website pages. 

The information taking care of in SPAs is additionally secure and simple. You don’t have to make a new request every time the page changes. You can build up on the existing data that you’ve fetched from the server and process your requests.

SPAs have higher chances of retaining customers on your website, as they are super fast and secure. SPAs also work on significantly less network bandwidth, making them an ideal choice for developing international websites and web applications.

3. Automation Testing: 

Testing plays a crucial part in any application’s development. Without testing your application, you cannot release it in the market. If you do so, there are chances that bugs will arise when users interact with your web application, and frequent bugs can also lead to the abandoning of your application by users. No one likes to use a buggy application. 

But testing is a costly thing to do manually because you have to hire different experts to test your applications at different stages. Also, manually testing your applications takes time, though it can uncover bugs that can be missed out in automation testing. 

Automation testing is a newer approach to testing applications. In this approach, the test cases are written and then fed into a testing framework, which performs execution of the test cases and provides their result. Automation testing can speed up development processes and can also help developers to stop making the same mistakes again and again. 

4. Cloud Computing:

As cloud services are growing and becoming more and more competitive, almost all major cloud service providers are helping users to develop cloud-based applications. Nowadays, people work remotely and also want to deploy their applications from their respective locations. This is one of the primary considerations for companies’ shift to cloud technologies. 

Cloud Computing is going to rise in 2021, just in the same way as it has expanded its horizon in all the previous years. Applications in the cloud are indeed protected well than in traditional servers. Cloud providers deploy extensive security mechanisms that prevent data breaches and data tampering.

There are multiple cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, as well as IBM. 

The deployment process of large applications is churned down to more straightforward steps, thanks to the excellent deployment features that almost all cloud services providers provide. 

5. Internet of Things: 

Internet of Things has been considered the technology of the future, enabling communication between machines and computers which are separated by geographical distances. It can help machines and computers located at different places in the world communicate with each other easily and in a better manner.

Internet of Things is an upcoming technology focusing on the development of automated systems. Using automated systems, businesses can lower their reliance on humans. Once you develop an automation system for some particular process, you can largely cut on the costs too. 

And that’s what businesses need, maximizing profits by cutting down on operational costs. Moreover, certain tedious tasks cut down on employee productivity, so by automating such tasks by IoT technology, you can give a significant boost to your employees’ productivity too.

Internet of Things is going to rise in 2021 as the pandemic has imposed strict working styles. To cope up with the increasing demands, factories and machines need to work even without human interaction. IoT App development companies are on the surge providing the best and innovative additions to the technology. 

6. Push Notifications: 

Push notifications are the best way to make your customers come back to your website. Push notifications can be used at their best, along with Progressive Web Applications. 

Push notifications play an essential role in making an impact on traffic on your website. Used correctly and efficiently, push notifications to have the power to provide an excellent boost to your website’s reach.

If you have a product-based business and some items have been left in the cart by your users, you can send them personalized push notifications which can bring them back on your website and complete their purchase. 

Push notifications are really helpful in marketing endeavors too, you can constantly drop in notifications regarding your campaigns, important and upcoming events, customer interactions, and stories. These small things can make your business stand out amongst the others and customers will perceive your business as a better choice in the market.

7. Voice Search functionality:

Implementation of voice search functionality is an excellent upcoming trend in the web development space. Nowadays, people live busy lives, and in such cases, they sometimes don’t have the time to go through every piece of content on a webpage. Thus they rely on their smart speakers and assistants, which take the search query from them and perform it and then present the results back to the users. Smart assistants and smart home speakers rely on voice searching. 

So to make your webpage appear in the search results of such smart devices, you ought to implement voice search features. Moreover, it also helps disabled people to access your website and retrieve the necessary information. 

8. Usage of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

AI and Machine learning’s usage is expected to rise in web development because of the broad spectrum of users that access websites. It is almost impossible to answer every query of your visitors with the help of human chat representatives, so it is a feasible idea to use AI chatbots that serve your visitors round the clock.

In this way, you make sure that your business is at the customer’s service, whatever time of the day. This will also benefit the growth and reputation of your business. 

AI and machine learning take large sets of data and uncover hidden trends and secrets in the product’s performance. Mostly AI is used in developing intelligent chatbots for your business. Chatbots facilitate round-the-clock customer service. Companies are using machine learning to know what their customers find interesting, and then they try to develop such content which keeps customers engaged. 

Businesses use machine learning heavily to determine customer turnover rates, actions that the customer might take based on the given data. Moreover, the usage of machine learning and AI has helped thousands of businesses scale rapidly by identifying their right audience and doing targeted marketing efforts.

9. API-focused development: 

Every day new and new technologies keep emerging in the field of technology, and to use multiple technologies together, companies need to rely on platforms that facilitate inter-technology data transmission. 

It is here where APIs come into the picture. More and more open-source contributors are developing APIs that facilitate cross-language application development. In this way, companies favor developing applications by using existing APIs, hence enabling them to create and ship solutions in shorter periods. 

10. Responsive Designs: 

Responsive website architecture is a trend that has been running for quite a while, and it is as yet expected to ascend in 2021. Due to the different gadgets from which websites can be accessed, organizations are dedicatedly running after making their websites completely responsive. 

Responsive websites are websites that work something very similar on various sorts of gadgets. Responsive websites are fundamental for organizations as practically 65% to 70% of web traffic comes from cell phones. This makes it necessary for companies to tweak their websites so that they remain fully accessible across all types of devices.

Above, we have talked about the top 10 web development trends which we can expect in 2021. This list is just a glance at trends, and there are many more upcoming and promising trends in web development. But, we think that knowing these trends will help you to make better decisions in regards to your business’s website. Make sure that you follow the trends and stay at the top of your game. Following the trends will make people perceive your business as an active body which will surely benefit you in some way.