Nightlife events in Hyderabad are a new social status in metropolitan cities. It allows them to make friends, enjoy music, dance, and forget their worries. Walking through the door visitors also get to listen to rock, jazz, and many other forms of music that will make them groove. It is also the ambiance that relaxes and soothes the tense muscles after a hectic day at work. Few drinks and chats with loved ones or strangers allow them to forget the work pressure.

Hyderabad is known for its nightlife and club events. There are various clubs and pubs in the city, so visitors need to scroll the kind of music, artists, dress code, entry fees, food, and many others before they book a will be quite a task if you had to check through each pub or bar to get the above information. To make things easy various websites are been designed to inform visitors about the ongoing and upcoming events happening in the city.

Book my show

This is a commonly known Indian website that allows customers to book tickets for movies, stage shows, concerts, circus, and sports events. With its popularity, this site gains 90 percent of the online market share in the entertainment industry about ticket bookings. This site is available in major cities in India. With its app and PC option, it makes customers book tickets on the go. It also features coupons and promotional offers that customers can use for tickets.



Clubr is a Hyderabad-based website that helps visitors discover the latest events happening in clubs and pubs across the city. Explore the latest offers, table bookings, dress code, kind of music being played, and other information. This website is dedicated to art and entertainment to inform visitors about the latest happening events. Also get the latest deals, information about the DJ artist playing at the venue, offers, table reservations, and facilities. While booking also browses through the menu and kind of food they offer along with their drinks section.


Zomato is also one known website but popularly known for food bookings. Few people know that you can now browse through the club menu in Hyderabad on Zomato as well. Check the ratings, reviews, images, and menu before you step down to any club of your choice.

Travel Triangle

When you are looking to explore the nightlife in Hyderabad, you will definitely come across this site. Travel Triangle is all about tour packages, places to visit, and things to do. This little guide gives you a glimpse of the best pubs and bars in Hyderabad. Their list mentions the must-visit clubs and the reasons they should be visited during your stay. Few clubs offer good food, whereas few offer a lively ambiance that would enlighten your day. Exceptional space and the luxurious setting are also offered by clubs like Altitude, Hyderabad. Get a glimpse of those at Travel Triangle.

Styles at life

This is yet another website offering a mix of beauty, fashion, celebrities, food, travel, health, and parenting. As Hyderabad is a city of Nawabs, it has a lot to offer, this site provides an insight into everything required. Pub hoppers can browse through their club’s section in Hyderabad and can get a list of happening pubs in Hyderabad.


Choose your preferred city and get a glimpse of shopping, dining, party, stay over, events and leisure all under one website. Get information about live band club events in Hyderabad at the What’s up Life website.

This stage allows you to know the city and explore based on your taste. If Hyderabad is the city, they have a list of nightlife events happening in the city. It also focuses on exquisite live music or lives bands that are been played across the city. Along with prices for two, you can also get the address and phone number for bookings. Though it doesn’t offer table bookings or reservations, it is decent in terms of the glimpse it provides of the city.

Hyderabad is known for its happening nightlife and good food. Though there are multiple options available in this metropolitan city, and one can visit every club or pub. These sites make work easy with their information along with table booking or reservation. Few more sites give a glimpse of what’s happening in the city but these are few relevant ones that are the best.