Perfection is what you strive for, it’s the end goal to all those endless nights of putting in work to make this day completely unparalleled. It is your creation from scratch and nothing could match up to this and in this rat race sometimes you tend to neglect yourself. But no matter how absolutely magnificent everything around you looks, all the eyes will always still be on the bride and we have a few tips, that even the best makeup artist in Delhi would give you, to help you give those waiting eyes a treat.

1. Take Your Time

When making your schedule give yourself enough time for hair and makeup so you don’t have to rush it and you can relax and enjoy being pampered. Assign a minimum of 45 minutes for just makeup itself, hair is a whole different story and time should depend on the hairstyle you select. It is absolutely crucial that you keep your skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated to ensure flawless application.

2. Lasting Makeup

Your wedding is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t look tired and dead 2 hours into the ceremony. Always remember your primer is your best friend, apply it all over your face to prep it before putting on a smooth layer of foundation. 

Pro Tip: Remember to apply your makeup in thin, even layers to make it last longer and prevent it from looking cakey.

3. Don’t Forget Your Lashes

Eyelash extensions can make your eyes appear bigger and your lashes fuller and younger. They completely eliminate the need for mascara and add a little extra something to tie your look together.

Pro Tip: Use individual false eyelashes instead of pasting the strip, not only will it make your eyes stand out, but it will also be more subtle. You could even try going for different lengths and nestle them between your original lashes to create that natural fluttery look

4. Use A Bronzer 

Using a bronzer will create a chiselled, sharp shape while preserving your natural features and won’t look too jarring. Take a wide angular brush and apply strokes on the sides of the chin to create an illusion of a strong jawline. Do the same along the sides of your forehead and along your nose bone. If you’re going DIY, do not risk it and look for tutorials online and see what is ideal for your face.

5. Waterproof Everything

Choose waterproof makeup for your entire face, from your mascara to your foundation. Not only will it last longer than regular makeup but it will also withstand your tears and prevent it from running. By using lashes you can eliminate the use of mascara altogether and save yourself the extra effort.

6. Bright Colours

Choose a colour on your lips that is bright and striking. Nudes and pale hues can make you appear washed out and dull however choose colours that you’re comfortable with. Choosing something too dark for your lip can make your fine lines more visible and make you appear older and wrinkled. Choose something in the middle like medium pinks to stay on the safe side.

Pro Tip: Always use a lip liner when dealing with lipstick, apply it not just at the outline of your lips but colour them in with it to make your lipstick last longer. Don’t apply gloss over your lips as it’ll take the focus away from your face.

7. Know The Difference Between Glow-y and Shiny 

Luminous skin looks beautiful, it looks young and vibrant. However, there’s a fine line between a natural glow and looks like your brother’s unwashed hair (straight up greasy). To prevent such a tragedy, dust translucent powder over your T-zone and other spaces that tend to get oily, like your chin or sides of your nose. Keep some in an emergency bag along with you during the event too for emergency touch-ups.

8. Layering Is Key

Layering is key, if you’re a bride who wants a look involving a bold eyeliner, try to trace the eyeliner with black shadow first, and then layer with a gel or liquid one to ensure the look lasts all night. The same goes for blush, layering a cream blush and powder blush will give dimension, texture and will last for hours.

Always remember, add 30 minutes to the time you assign yourself for your makeup, you’re never going to be too early. Make sure you evaluate what you want and decide everything beforehand and just sit back and relax on your final day.