It’s late at night and your stomach is growling. Maybe you have had a busy day and just got home or you have your exam the next day, pulling an all-nighter and got hungry or whatever the case is. The test is making sense of what you can eat that is quick, tasteful and won’t make you gain many calories.

All things considered, there’s scientific research shows that eating too late at night could make weight control more difficult. At midnight, you might want to eat pizza or crave for Alfredo pasta of Sizzlerz cafe & grill but that is too much for late-night and can cause heavy stomach. You need to be mindful so you don’t feel uneasy or gain unwanted calories.

In case if you’re really hungry and having hunger pangs, a little nutritious snack under 200 calories is commonly fine to have late at night. A few snacks even contain elements that may enable you to rest and sleep better.

Here are six best healthy late-night snacks you can have without worrying about extra calories:


Fruits are the best option to go for. Choose fruits that are low in sugar like strawberries, peaches, grapefruit, small green apple, banana, berries, pears and avocado if it’s available. These can be eaten raw or you can make a smoothie with low-fat milk and unrefined peanut or almond butter. These are light and full of nutrients essential for your health.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are one great alternative to unhealthy snacks. Take a handful of any dry fruits or nuts like pistachios, prunes, almonds, dates, walnuts, raisins and cashew nuts. These are rich in fibre, micronutrients and antioxidants. Good fat is present in nuts and dry fruits. They keep you full and are beneficial for health. Pistachios contain melatonin which promotes sleep. You must take the right portion. Don’t consume too much of them that might increase weight.


Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein. It helps curb hunger and is a perfect healthy alternative to ice cream or frozen yoghurt. Choose plain, unsweetened and low-fat yoghurt. Greek yoghurt works well. Rich in essential nutrients and low in calories. you can mix seeds or low sugar fruits in it.

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread is a good alternative to white bread or other flour bread. It is rich in fibre and perfect for a late-night snack. Top it with unsweetened nut butter or make a wrap with veggies and pulled chicken breast but without any sauces. This is healthy and doesn’t let you gain extra calories.


Popcorn is a good alternative to chips and fries. Make sure they are not drained in butter, cheese flavour or super salty. Popcorn is whole grain and rich in fibre. It will keep you full while watching TV or a movie late at night.


Oatmeal is a great way to substitute sugary and processed cereals. Not only for breakfast, but you can also have it as a late-night snack with hot milk and some fruits like bananas or berries with it. You can also add raisins or any other nuts of your choice. It has melatonin which promotes sleep. It is rich in fiber which will help you fill-up. It is a healthy late-night snack.

Keep hands on healthy snacks. Only if you feel real hunger then eat late-night snacks. Just don’t feed yourself just because you felt like eating or felt bored. GoSpark brings you exciting deals and discounts. Always go for a small portion and light food. You wouldn’t want to have a heavy stomach and want to be bloated.