‘A Party without a Cake is a meeting’ is a very well-spoken statement by Julia Child. Be it a birthday, farewell, or any other occasion, Cake is something that everyone expects in it. Cakes boost an immediate feeling of happiness, and child-like instincts like- When are we gonna take it, I need the bigger piece, Give it to me first & so much more.

The internet is plentiful of facts about cakes, their flavors, their designs, the best sites for online birthday cake orders, etc. But have you ever admired ‘when you pick a cake, what does it tell you about it?’ Well then, it’s not just your preferred cake that’s served up on the plate, it is your personality too!

Strawberry – The Mixed Emotions

You are a mix of sentiments, at times you are shy, and seldom you are so bold that you stand out in a large crowd. You are at times very stressed, and sometimes you are so chilled and relaxed that you help others keep calm.

Chocolate – The Sweet yet Strong

You are luscious like chocolate that can melt anyone’s heart, but at the same time, you are strong too. You know where and how to get your stand or help someone else.

Vanilla – The Traditional

You are an old soul who likes legendary things, like- Old Music, Traditional ways of celebrations, and understands the importance of every detail. And you always try to grasp more about historic things and stories

Red Velvet – The Romantic

You are a caring and romantic lover. You take care of every detail of your lover and try to make everything wild, and leave no chance of expressing your true love for them.

Pineapple – The Simple

You are so mild and sorted, that you do not care what others think. You concentrate on yourself and your personal growth without any influence on other’s views. You are uncomplicated, humble, charitable, etc.

Blueberry – The Optimistic

You are the one that seems for positive things in everything, and take every bad experience as new learning to better yourself. You are sure that things will get better no matter what, and this keeps you going on.

Butterscotch Cake – The Peacemaker

You are the mediator of the group. Whenever there is a conflict in the views of your buddies, you come up with a clarification that satisfies them both. So, you are a savior too.

Black Forest Cake – The Social

You are a social butterfly. You make buddies very easily and fit in everywhere or anywhere you are. People love you back too. You are comfortable in every situation, & you know how to express your mind in front of others.

Chocolate Truffle Cake – The Fun Loving

You are a fun-loving, person like you can make any dull moment fun and interesting. You are a party lover, everyone adores you, and people try to connect to you. You crack jokes that nobody can oppose laughing on.

Cheese Cake – The Satisfied

You are the most sorted character ever. You are pleased and grateful for everything you have. You do not expect too much from people, & when you expect something from the life you act for it to achieve it.

Cup Cake – The Self Pleaser

Self-satisfaction is your preference. You just love yourself, and that is the best quality because people will only love you when you love and appreciate yourself. Taking care of yourself, and pleasing yourself may sound mean but it is the best because when you are content only then you can make anyone else satisfied.

Fruit Cake – The Enthusiast

You are an admirer, who finds joy in everything they do. You do not just do things, but you enjoy everything you do and give your best to it. And you push yourself in accomplishing whatever you want.

Theme Cake – The Caring

You are the most caring one because you take care of everyone & anyone. You try to make everyone happy with all the little things you do. You take care of small details like what you love and what you don’t, pick their favorite cake and get online cake delivery to cheer you up.

Exotic Cake – The Royal

You are a great soul, who likes to do everything in a bigger and better way. You make your celebrations more royal and enormous so that nobody is left out and also to show them your high standards.

So, go choose the one that suits and represents you the best, as your taste buds reveal aspects of your personality. You can order these cakes customized as per your requirement, and the best part of such a change and the evolved market is that you can sit at a place & send mouth-watering cake delivery in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pondicherry, or any corner in India or abroad in just a few hours