David Dobrik, a famous internet celebrity, is known for his charismatic personality on and off camera. The 1996-born star is a Slovakian and an American citizen. His fans know his work, personality, family, and educational life. However, the question on their lips is, who is David Dobrik dating?

David’s Road to Fame

David became an internet sensation thanks to Vine, a video-sharing platform. His videos on that platform generate many views, and he decided to go a step further. This led him to create a vlog account on YouTube in 2015. Four years later, David proved himself to be an astute businessman by co-founding Dispo, a photography application.

Dobrik’s Childhood

Contrary to what people might think, Dobrik wasn’t born in the U.S. Rather, he migrated with his parents and siblings. But through the DACA immigration ACT, Dobrik was able to live legally in the U.S. Later, he became a legal resident.

Family History

Dobrik’s family migrated to the U.S. from Slovakia when Dobrik was 6. It was there he completed his high school education before he moved away to another State. As a student, Dobrik participated in Tennis and won many competitions. He moved away from home to another State to begin his life as an internet celebrity.

Furthermore, Dobrik is the oldest child in his family. Dobrik, his parents, and siblings arrived as illegal immigrants to the U.S. Thankfully, he has his green card and can visit other countries outside the United States now. His father is from Slovakia, while his mom is from Hungary.

His Career at Vine

The Vine platform was the stepping stone for Dobrik. His first Vine video garnered much attention. Later, Dobrik took advantage of this to partner with other famous Vine influencers. Then he got interested in YouTube and joined an already existing YouTube channel. Afterward, he created his own YouTube account and started his YouTube career.

Dobrik’s YouTube Career

Dobrik’s venture into the YouTube world is to create entertaining videos for his audience. Hence, he made a separate YouTube account to post jokes, pranks, challenges, bloopers, and so on. He was consistent with his posts every week, and his fans looked forward to his videos. His subscribers mostly appreciated his enthusiasm for posting comedy videos, animal videos, and so on. And sometimes, Dobrik collaborates with famous movie stars, YouTube influencers, and comedians. Oftentimes, his viewers ask this question, who is David Dobrik dating? But he didn’t answer them on his live videos.

What do Dobrik posts on his Video Channels?

Dobrik used to post interesting videos on his Vine account before moving to YouTube, where he did the same. This earned him a nickname that made him popular in the entertainment circle. In addition, Dobrik’s YouTube account was among the most viewed accounts in 2019. Then, his account had nearly 2.5 billion views. Now, his account has more than that and the amount keeps increasing every day.

Dobrik’s Other Ventures

Apart from being an internet celebrity, Dobrik has dabbled successfully in other ventures. He was actually a judge on a popular family TV show in America. Not only that, he has hosted two popular shows on different channels, and viewers at home enjoyed his performance. In 2019, Lucy Hale and Dobrik hosted a teenage award ceremony together, where he also got an award. He also once appeared as a presenter at an American award show in 2019. Additionally, Chopped Junior organizers appointed Dobrik as a guest judge on an episode of their show.

Recognition for his Works

YouTube recognized Dobrik’s hard work by giving him an award for having over ten million YouTube subscribers. A print media firm also listed him as one of the most successful YouTubers. In 2019, he appeared in two well-known magazines. These magazines appreciated his influence on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. In addition, he got two separate awards, for his physical appearance and social media influence, in November 2019.

Not only that, YouTube named him one of the most influential content creators on YouTube in 2019. What’s more, Dobrik proved YouTube right when his video went viral on TikTok. That video had more than 179 million views, millions of likes, and shares.

Dating History

The question of who David Dobrik is dating is quite common on the internet. For three years, Dobrik was in a relationship with another YouTuber until the pair broke up in 2018. A year later, he got married to a popular personality who was 50 years his senior. The woman married is Jason Nash’s mom, Lorraine Nash. The marriage was a skit for his YouTube channel in response to Jason’s speech about Dobrik. Ironically, Dobrik’s marriage ended just 30 days after he tied the knot with Lorraine. His divorce didn’t take long, and Dobrik became a single man again.

People’s Reactions to Dobrik’s videos

Some people love Dobrik’s video pranks. But others criticize the way he goes to the extreme for his videos. Take his marriage to Lorraine for example. Lots of people thought he went too far by marrying Lorraine as a prank.


Lastly, Dobrik is a public personality who enjoys fame and knows the importance of keeping his audience on their toes. This tactic has given him more views on his social media platforms. And more views equals more exposure to the world and more fame. Right now, Dobrik is one of the most eligible bachelors in America. But who is David Dobrik dating after his divorce from Lorraine? Nobody has any idea.