Do you enjoy eating seafood, especially crabs, but don’t have the budget for it? Don’t worry, the Boiling Crab restaurant has got you covered. You can eat big juicy crabs and other seafood at the Boiling Crab in Australia. The restaurant has two branches in Australia. Furthermore, the restaurant is an affordable one that offers discounts and vouchers for customers. Their customers can redeem the vouchers and order seafood and enjoy their food.

About The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is a seafood-selling restaurant located in Mississippi, Australia, and other states in the world. It is a family-owned business that has been in existence for generations. It is one of the few seafood restaurants in Australia that serves authentic seafood like crabs, prawns, shrimp, fish, and many more. There are branches in other places like the Boiling Crab Glen Waverley, the boiling crab, Mississippi, and so on. What’s more, they serve them fresh and never serve stale food. This restaurant is a franchise owned by YoDaddy and YoMama, a husband and wife duo who live in the US. They saw an opportunity to make use of their skills to make money and provide seafood to their community members.

How to enjoy The Boiling Crab Seafood

The Boiling Crab

There are many ways to enjoy seafood. While it is a messy food, you will certainly not regret eating it if you are a seafood lover. Some crabs are boiled the American way. To avoid the messy food or sauce spilling on you, put on a bib over your clothes. Then order many plates of big juicy crabs or other seafood, remove their shells, and start eating. You can eat succulent crabs with your bare hands. If you want sauces, the boiling crab has different sauces for customers to choose from. And if you want toppings and side dishes, the Boiling Crab also has those on offer.

The opening of The Boiling Crab in Australia

In 2021, YoMama and YoDaddy opened another branch of the boiling crab in Australia. They already have a branch in the USA which they operate successfully. The new Australian branch is located in Glen Waverley. They offer different kinds of seafood to Australian residents in Australia. Very soon, YoMama and YoDaddy opened another branch in Melbourne. They offer Cajun-style cuisine, sauce, and seafood from the afternoon till 9:30 pm every day. Both restaurants in Glen Waverley and Melbourne have been seeing an influx of customers due to their top-notch services and tasty food. Several customers have said many positive things to say about the Boiling Crab. And they always return as repeat customers.

Customer Service

The customer service at all the Boiling Crab restaurants is always top-notch. They know how to cater to their customers and provide an ambient environment. The restaurant understands that customers are its priority and if they are happy, the business will go well. Therefore, the restaurant tries as much as possible to provide the best seafood that is always fresh. In addition, the Boiling Crab ensures that its environment is always neat. The restaurant doesn’t joke with the health and safety food standards at all. Their chefs, waiters, and waitresses are all neatly dressed and speak politely to the customers.


The Boiling Crab gave 300 dollars vouchers to three customers to order food at their restaurants. This was done to appreciate them for their constant patronage and loyalty. To be eligible, the customers filled out a form to enter the contest. The closest ended in July 2022 and those who got the voucher redeemed them on the 31st of August 2022. The contest was made to celebrate the opening of the Boiling Crab branches in Australia. This is not the first time YoMama and YoDaddy will give vouchers and discounts to their customers to appreciate them.

The Boiling Crab Menus

The Boiling Crab has many menus and their chefs are always creative with the menu creation. You can buy abalone, snails, octopus, mussels, crawfish, scampi, clams, big crab legs, jumbo crab legs, and many more. The Boiling Crab steams, boils, barbecues, or fries the seafood depending on what the customer wants. Moreover, you can sprinkle any sauce of your choice like garlic, pepper, and Cajun sauce. Toppings like mayonnaise, salad cream, and spices like Cajun spice are also available. You can go the extra mile and order extras like sausages, rice, potatoes, fries, corn, chicken, and so on. And if you would like, you can add other fried seafood to accompany your order. The fried seafood is made to be crispy, medium, or softly fried according to the customer’s taste.


The Boiling Crab is the place you would want to be with your family and friends. The ambiance is cool, lovely, and quiet. You don’t have to worry about the hygiene of the place because the restaurant is hygienic. They don’t use expired ingredients to cook food for their customers, nor use toxic ingredients. Lastly, if you wish to have a franchise in your locality, contact them. They are always looking to expand their branches in different countries.