Great wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you’re a wine lover, you always want your wine taste better with age. And it is possible with the help of Wine Preservation System.

Follow Wine Preservation tips for storing wine at home in the right way:

1. Maintain a Correct Temperature – Wine Preservation

store wine on right temperature

It is said that “The older the wine the better it tastes”. But for a better taste, you need to use the Wine Preservation system that can extend the life of your wine.

At the correct temperature, you can store your wine even for ages and make it a perfect wine. It is recommended to Store your wine at 50 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit in your wine rack for best results.

2. Protect the Wine Bottle from Sun

protect wine from sunlight

Sun always ruins the taste of the wine because the direct sunlight can adversely react with chemical compounds in wine and create “wine faults”. So always store your wine in the dark place.


3. Store your Wine Properly – Wine Preservation

store your wine properly

If you don’t invest in the wine fridge then the basement of the house is the best place for Wine Preservation and always avoid kitchen to store wine bottles.

Store bottles in their sides which keep the liquid contents in contact with the wine bottle cork that keeps the cork from drying out and letting in an excessive amount of air which can prompt oxidation.

4. Keep an Ideal Humidity

keep an ideal humidity

To prevent the wine bottle cork from drying out, humidity plays an important role. The ideal humidity for storing wine is between 60 to 70 percent to maintain its taste. It’s a good idea to put a bowl of water in the wine cupboard to maintain humidity.

Final Words

It is recommended to protect your wine from vibration, so isolate it in the separate room. For best results put the wine bottle in the fridge for ten minutes before serving. Also, prevent wine bottles from dramatic changes in the temperature which can damage your wine.

Always Re-cork the wine bottle after pouring every glass. Always put the wine stopper instead of cork before storing the leftover bottle of wine because it is hard to put the original cork back into the bottle neck properly.