Though relatively less recognised in medical science in the olden days, yoga has gained popularity in recent times and is probably one of the best gifts India has bestowed on the world. The modern world of the rat race with frenzied city life has made us physically and mentally unhinged. This is why an increasing number of people deal with stress, anxiety and depression, and sometimes to the point where they succumb to them. With that said, yoga has proven to be one of the best resorts that help people calm their mind and reduce stress, though there are other ways as well to deal with those inner demons.

The overall yoga practice tends to evoke the relaxation response of our body enabling us to gain a sense of tranquillity. In addition, meditation and breathing exercises that are intrinsic parts of yoga, help in tackling pain and stress. Experts have even said that the combination of meditation and focused movements of our body provides the two important elements for relieving depression. Recognising its benefits for our overall wellbeing, an increasing number of people have resorted to yoga in recent times, especially in the midst of lockdown. “In our life full of hassles and everyday struggles, yoga brings focus, clarity, equanimity and strong will to our spirits,” said Rajat Khare, yogi entrepreneur and founder of Boundary Holding, a European investment firm.

Though his introduction to yoga has been relatively recent, he wrote on his Facebook page Rajat Khare – Yoga that it has helped him drastically in all spheres of life including entrepreneurship. It is because of such time-tested benefits of yoga that India’s Permanent Mission to the UN has come up with a special module – ‘Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home’ constituting exercises, breathing and meditation practices to mark this year’s International Yoga Day falling on June 21, 2020.

The world has already been in a precarious state and adding to it is the novel coronavirus that has put us in a more difficult situation. The purpose of yoga has never been more relevant than today when most people are dealing with stress and anxiety, hence before they get the best of you, focus on counteracting them. Step onto the yoga mat and start with your basic breathing exercises. Invest time in what makes you happy to achieve a balanced state of mind and remember that everyone is going through a battle you may be oblivious to, therefore, reach out and lend an ear to whoever needs you.