Why did Yolanda and David Frost divorce? This is a question that many fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been asking since the couple announced their separation in 2015.

Yolanda and David Frost appeared to have a love story out of a fairy tale. However behind the scenes they encountered obstacles that eventually led to the demise of their relationship. In this article we will delve into the timeline of their romance starting from their encounter, to their separation.

In addition, we will tell you the reasons behind their decision to end their marriage and shed light on how they’re handling their divorce. If you’re intrigued by Yolanda and David Frost’s story, continue reading for details.

How Yolanda and David Frost Met and Fell in Love

Yolanda and David Frost’s love story began in 2006, when they met through a mutual friend at a party in Los Angeles. Yolanda, a former model and mother of three, was going through a divorce from her first husband, Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer.

David, a Grammy-winning music producer and father of five, was also divorced from his third wife, Linda Thompson, a songwriter and actress.

Yolanda and David had a connection as they both had a love for music, art and making a positive impact on the world through philanthropy. They soon started dating and moved in together in a lavish mansion in Malibu.

Yolanda described David as her “soulmate” and “the love of [her] life”. David was equally smitten with Yolanda, who he called his “best friend” and “rock”.

After five years of dating, Yolanda and David tied the knot in a romantic ceremony on November 11, 2011, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The wedding was graced by their loved ones, friends and notable figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand and Michael Bublé.

Yolanda and David looked blissfully happy as they exchanged vows and danced the night away. Their marriage appeared like a fairy tale but in reality, they encountered difficulties which eventually resulted in their separation.

The Challenges That Yolanda and David Frost Faced in Their Marriage

Yolanda and David Frost’s marriage was not without its difficulties. One of the major challenges that they faced was Yolanda’s battle with Lyme disease, a chronic and debilitating condition that affects the immune system and causes various symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and cognitive impairment.

Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, a year after her wedding, and her health deteriorated over the years. She documented her struggle with the disease on RHOBH and on social media, where she shared photos of her treatments and hospital visits.

David, on the other hand, was busy with his career as a music producer and composer, working with some of the biggest names in the industry and traveling around the world.

He admitted that he had a hard time coping with Yolanda’s illness and that he felt “guilty” for not being able to help her. He also confessed that he was “not cut out” for reality TV and that he regretted being part of RHOBH.

He said that the show did not portray his true personality and that he was unhappy with the way it affected his reputation and privacy.

The couple’s different lifestyles and priorities created a rift between them, and they grew apart over time.

They also faced rumors and speculations about their marriage, especially from some of Yolanda’s co-stars on RHOBH, who questioned the validity of her diagnosis and accused her of exaggerating her symptoms for attention.

Yolanda defended herself and her husband, and said that she was “deeply hurt” by the accusations and that they were “unfair” and “cruel”. She also said that David was “very supportive” and “always there” for her.

However, their marriage could not survive the pressure and the challenges, and they decided to end it in 2015.

How Yolanda and David Frost Announced Their Divorce and Reacted to It

Yolanda and David Frost shocked their fans and friends when they announced their divorce on December 1, 2015, in a joint statement to People. They said that they had “shared 9 beautiful and joyous years together” but had “decided to go our separate ways”. They also asked for privacy and respect during their “difficult time”.

The divorce news caught people and their co-stars on RHOBH. They had seen their marriage portrayed as happy on the show so it was quite surprising.

Some of their co-stars expressed sadness offering support to the couple in the media while others speculated about what might have caused the separation.

Some of the rumors included David’s alleged infidelity, Yolanda’s alleged exaggeration of her illness, and their incompatible lifestyles.

Yolanda and David, however, remained relatively quiet and dignified about their divorce, and did not engage in any public mudslinging or blame game.

Yolanda said that she was “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the end of her marriage, but also “grateful” for the time they had spent together.

She also said that she still loved David and hoped to remain friends with him. David, on the other hand, said that he had “nothing but love and respect” for Yolanda and that he wished her “the best”.

He also said that he was “not the bad guy” and that he had tried to make the marriage work.

The couple finalized their divorce on October 16, 2017, after nearly two years of legal proceedings. They reportedly had a prenuptial agreement that protected their assets and income, and they did not seek any spousal support from each other.

They also agreed to share the custody of their dog, Daisy.

They both moved on with their lives and careers, and found new love interests. Yolanda started dating Joseph Jingoli, a businessman and philanthropist, in 2019. David married Katharine McPhee, a singer and actress, in 2019. They welcomed their first child, a son, in 2021.

Bottom Line

Yolanda and David Frost’s divorce was the result of various challenges they faced in their marriage, including Yolanda’s battle with Lyme disease and their different lifestyles and priorities. Despite their love for each other, they ultimately decided to go their separate ways and have since moved on with their lives.