In today’s world, we can hardly imagine any person without a phone. No matter rich or poor, everyone has a phone. Life seems nonfunctional and dull without it for apparent reasons like work, online stuff, and entertainment. Games are present in almost every phone, be it old dumbphones, where we see the snake and car games, etc., or trendy smartphones that offer a vast range of gaming apps like unlimited Gamez mo available on the PlayStore. Sometimes it becomes tough to choose the best between the varieties of games, but not anymore. This article will give you a brief list of top games to bless your cell phones. Thank us later.

1. 8ball Pool

We must appreciate this mobile game and the person who developed this. The system behind this game has a thoughtful design to ensure everything goes perfectly while allowing you to enjoy a lot while playing. The structure of this game includes a billiard table with pockets, balls, and cue sticks. It has fifteen object balls and one cue ball.  Two people can play this at a time. Turn by turn; the player has to direct their respective balls to the specified pocket using a cue stick without putting the cue ball in it. The moment it gets in there, you lose. Your shot should be exact and accurate to win. The best part is that you can also play this game offline for practice and online with competitors to earn coins and unlock cue sticks.

2. Garena Free Fire

This free fire game got so much hype two years back, being the most famous battle royale game. It will not be wrong to compare it with the worldwide obsession game PUBG. Free fire includes gunfights, shooting, adventure, and battles. Players also get weapons to enhance their survival abilities and defense against the opponent players. The person who remains standing till the end of the fight receives the victory.

3. Subway Surfers

Doesn’t this game remind you of the old days? Well, it is still so many people’s favorite. A subway surfer is a type of game that will never get old or lose its recognition. This game is so daring to play and full of stunts. It consists of characters that unstoppably run for their rescue from the inspector. The inspector follows the characters with his dog to chase them, and once they get caught, he beats them with a stick. With finger swiping, you are supposed to help characters cross the obstacles coming their way, like trucks, trains, barriers, etc. If the character bumps into anything, the game gets over. This game gets interesting with the rewards and challenges like hoverboards, power jumpers, daily challenges, and mystery boxes that facilitate playing. With better gameplay, you can also unlock different characters.

4. Candy Crush Saga

You might get a crush on this game after playing. It is a very appealing game. Firstly, because of its colorful display and secondly due to the game style it offers. In this game, you get a layout of colorful, different candies enclosed within transparent jellies. You are required to swap the sweets so that the same colored ones come together, making a set of 3 or more that ultimately get replaced by new ones. After eliminating all candies, you win the game. It’s not as unchallenging as it sounds, but you can also unlock the higher levels with proper strategy. You also get power-up features during the gameplay. The background music complements the game very well.

5. Ludo Star

The most exciting thing to know about Ludo was when it got developed as a mobile application. It has been everyone’s partner during the horrible pandemic when family and friend meetups were almost gone, and Ludo star was the only game that kept the close ones together and gave them a delightful experience. It helped bring out the happy vibes in the challenging situation. Apart from all this, its likeness is because everybody, including children, knows how to play this. You can also describe it as a family game. It has four houses, i.e., red, blue, green, and yellow, each with four specific tokens. There are four players, but you can also play in teams as per your wish. The members are supposed to reach their targets by crossing the area of other houses. The dice decide your passage through the board.

6- Clash of Clans

This game looks very complicated because of its display, but it will become a piece of cake for you once you correctly understand this. This game consists of troops that struggle to construct their village by destroying the opposing player’s village. The troops gain weapons and resources like elixirs to create ease for themselves. There is some rivalry going between the players or teams. The resources earned provide players with defense while they are constructing their space. It is a free game, and you can master this quickly with the developing interest. This game demands focus on not missing out on any resource that could make you lose.

7. Fruit Blade

It is also a pretty old game and must have taken you to nostalgia. But old games are always fun to play in the present to rewind all the memories. The style of this game is unforgettable. In fruit ninja, you’re supposed to cut all the fruits that rise upwards rapidly on screen by swiping your fingers. Sounds so simple and easy. Well, here comes the tricky part. The bomb also sometimes comes along with the fruits. If you mistakenly cut the bomb, you will lose. The greatest thing about this game has to be the juicy sound that comes with every fruit cut. That is so satisfying and pleasing to hear but, of course, not the bomb. You can also activate freezing modes with your good moves. This mode slows down the speed with which the fruits come, making your cutting easy. You have to be super vigilant while playing this game. You can easily download this game at Unlimited Gamez MO.

8. Tetris

This game is also unique. In this game, differently shaped tiles move down from the top of the frame. You are supposed to drag these tiles in a lateral position and align them horizontally to complete the block line. On the line gets complete, it vanishes, and you get points. You have to continue forming rows until the blocks occupy the entire space. This game demands total concentration as the tiles keep falling constantly. You must set a time limit for this game to avoid addiction.

 Bottom line

Mobile games are super convenient to play. They also really help people with problem-solving and facilitate enhancing their social skills. But definitely, there is a limit to everything. Overplaying can also lead to severe health problems and addiction, which is very dangerous. Apart from that, this article serves to bring the top famous games to your notice so you can quickly get access to them without wasting time searching. People are going crazy about these games, which means that something special in them surely deserves your time. Update us if this article was helpful. Also suggests points so we can improve taking your suggestion.