Hajj is an obligatory pillar among the other four pillars of Islam. It is a fard journey for every Muslim at least once in his lifetime. Unlike Umrah that can be performed any time, Hajj is performed annually/ once in a year at the last Islamic month of Zilhajj. Each year millions of Muslims across the globe converge in Mecca between 8th and 13th of Dhul Hijjah for this annual spiritual pilgrimage. However, prior to embarking on this spiritual pilgrimage, it is important to pre-plan your visit and have a proper awareness of the inevitable requisites of this religious ritual.

As Hajj is an arduous and expensive journey it becomes extremely important to book a Hajj Package through a trusted travel agency. These travel agencies also provide you with cheap hajj packages to save your precious time and money.

Challenges of Performing Hajj on your Own

Hajj is a complex and challenging religious ritual. It demands a lot of physical and mental strife. That is why the mendicants and the poor are exempt from this Ibadah. However, Hajj is a mandatory divine ordinance for those who are physically, mentally and financially sound.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia from Outside is really expensive

It’s really a matter of serendipity if you are well-off. But you have to concoct a reasonable budget plan for your Hajj.  Your money is the divine gift of Allah so you must not spend it carelessly. Moreover, if you are a Saudi resident, then your Hajj is comparatively a smooth sailing. But travelling to Saudi Arabia from outside the kingdom is really expensive so you have to keep an eye on your finances to avoid unnecessary loss of money.

 Search for Living is really Difficult

In any new or lesser-known country, the search for accommodation, transportation, food etc. is really difficult. If you are a solo traveler, you can somehow manage your living in Saudi Arabia. Traveling with your family and spouse may create problems for you. It would be a troublesome task for you to make the right choice among many Saudi Hotels. And to find reliable/trustworthy Saudi hotel management.

Hajj an Arduous Ibadah

Hajj is not an easy ritual. It is governed by proper rules and regulations. It is a journey towards the Holy Kaaba, which is our Qibla as well. The Holy Kaaba was the first Masjid/ Mosque that was built on earth with the sole purpose of worshipping Allah. It involves some exhaustive tasks like counter-clockwise circumambulation around the Holy Kaaba, running between Safa and Marwa, the walk/ movement towards Mina to perform prayers and nawafils and the movement towards Mount Arafat and symbolic stoning of Devil. All these and other religious rituals need your devotion and dedication towards Allah ( SWT). So the Hajj must be performed with an entire mental and physical satisfaction without any external (social) worries of accommodation or transportation etc.

It is feasible to seek affordable Hajj Packages

In order to avoid all unwanted financial or residential issues, it is highly recommended to choose affordable or Cheap Hajj Packages. It is suggested because in order to obtain your Saudi Visa and arrangement of the flight you have to consult a reliable travel agent. Saudi Arabia grants you the Saudi Visa only when a travel agent is involved and you have to buy tickets from them as well. These travel agents are the representatives of travel incorporations that provide with the customer-friendly/ affordable Hajj or Umrah packages which include visas, hotels, food, transportation, flights and complete guidance of Hajj and Umrah. These packages make your travel to Mecca easy especially for UK or US citizens.

Importance of Umrah/ Hajj Travel Agents

The travel companies hold a pivotal position in the business market. The travel agent is one who assists in processing various crucial formalities, i.e. they help the pilgrims to apply for Hajj/ Umrah, they process the Hajj visa and they make several arrangements in Mecca and Medina according to the packages you choose for your journey.