When it comes to choosing idols or statues, marble statues top the list. Oodles of options are out there that are available in the market, but marble attracts many customers. This is a natural stone with lots of features, designs, and styles. Indian marble statue has gained a lot of popularity and it is in great demand. You can find many statue makers in India who offer high-quality marble statues.

Here in this guide, we have mentioned few factors that you can consider while choosing the best Indian marble statue from the manufacturer, you can check out the details below:

Complete Guide: How to Choose Best Indian Marble Statue From the Manufacturer Or Exporter

Quality of Statue:

There are many types of marbles available in the market. You should inquire about the marble type Indian Marble Statue Manufacturer is going to use while designing marble statues. It is a good idea to take all information about the raw material they use while crafting these statues. The finishing and high-quality material enhance the beauty of statues and durability. Makrana Marble Idols in Jaipur are in trend as Makrana marble has so many qualities.

Design and Color:

marble ganesha statues

You should consider the color and design of the statue. You can choose the marble statue designed with a white shade of marble if you want something simple yet classic.


Cost may vary for statues as it all depends on the marble quality and manufacturing. Be sure to evaluate the price that different manufacturers offer to you before making your final choice.

Go with Experienced And Reputed Marble Statue Manufacturers:

Marble statues designed by experts and experienced Marble Statue Manufactures ensure the high quality, class, and perfect finish. You can have a perfect statue with attractive features perfect style and design by choosing an experienced manufacturer. You should choose the best exporter or manufacturer that works for both domestic and international clients and ensures the highest quality idols.

Know Your Requirements:

You should be very clear about your requirements. Whether you are looking for a classic look or a traditional one, you should decide first. You can easily find all sorts of marble god statues that can fulfill your requirements. You should try finding out the best Statue Makers in India that can offer the best products that meet your expectations and requirements.


These marble idols are available in a variety of shapes and you should check them first. Once you get an idea about all the available shapes, you will find it easy to make the final decision. It comes in various shapes, so make sure you get the marble idol shape you actually want.


You might be getting these statues for your temple, home, or office. You should always keep in mind that having a clear idea about the available space to accommodate these statues will help. You should also check whether you are getting the right sized idol that can easily fit your space or not.

Other Factors:

You should take care of finishing, carving and packaging, transportation, and maintenance too. It should have a lively appearance and it should have smooth surfaces and a gorgeous look. You should know what type of pattern you want while purchasing Indian Marble Statues from the manufacturers.

These are some factors that you should take into consideration before making the final decision. You can get marble statues in Jaipur Rajasthan at the best price.

Indian Marble statues are popular all across the world due to so many reasons. If you are planning to get statues from an experienced manufacturer, then consider the above-given factors.