Goddess Durga is one of the main female deities in Hinduism. She is worshipped as a slayer of the Evil and the protector mother goddess of people. Devi Durga symbolizes the positive energy and divine force known as the SHakti. She is another manifestation of Prakriti or Shakti. Maa Durga Marble God Statues protect your home with the negative energy

The almighty mother goddess can protect people from all types of evil forces and wickedness. The supreme mother goddess is known to bless people and keep them protected.

A lot of people often place Marble Maa Durga Statue at their home. According to Vastu Shastra, the supreme mother goddess brings prosperity, wealth, and love in a family. Therefore, if you are planning to welcome the goddess in your home with a statue, you can do it.

In general, the Vastu Shastra and the Vedas and Puranas offer some particular places for different Hindu god idols. One should place the statue of marble god idols or any other type of idol according to the guidelines to ensure the goddess or the god gets their rightful pace and can offer you prosperity.

marble god statues

If you are planning to buy a Maa Durga marble statue, you can easily buy it anywhere. You can buy a suitable statue from online portals or go to a sculptor’s workshop and buy it after a thorough inspection.

This way, you will get an idol that is perfect for your puja room. So, you already know the benefits of having a Durga maa marble statue in your home.

Here are the few guidelines that you need to follow to while placing the Goddess Maa Durga Marble god statues in your puja room.

  • It’s better to construct a separate puja room in your home. They are your guests and your gods. Hence, prevent keeping the Hindu God Idols in your bedroom. If there is no place for a separate puja room, make a separate enclosure in your home or inside a room that looks like a mini room.
  • The puja room should be east facing. It is the best way to seek blessings.
  • You should keep the puja altar at the highest area that is above the bed level.
  • Never place the idol adjacent to or beneath the toilet area.
  • You should never keep three manifestations of Maa Durga statue in your home together. That means, never keep goddess Durga, Goddess Laxmi, or Goddess Kali in one place. It can bring bad luck to your home. If you are keeping Goddess Durga, you do not need to bring Goddess Kali in your home as they are the manifestation of the same divine power.
  • You need to maintain the order of Hindu Marble God statues. It’s extremely important. Try to place the statues in the order of creation to give them proper importance. For example, keep the holy trinity of gods above all gods as they are the supreme gods and goddesses.
  • The puja room or the altar for Maa Durga ought to be arranged at the northern side of the reason; if the northern side isn’t accessible, you need to choose among east and northeast corners for putting the change.

marble god statues

  • The size of the Hindu god idols should not be more than 10ft using all means.
  • The passageway of the spot of Maa Durga or any Hindu marble god statues must not be in the direct opposite of the fundamental passage entryway. The legs of the symbol ought to be in any event at the chest level of the minister.
  • Lord Shiva marble god statues should be present above or with her.
  • The icons marble god idols of goddess Durga should be set on a four-legged stage and in a perfect world to be set in any event 1inch good ways from the divider. The shade of the spot of love ought to be either white or light blue or lemony green. On close to home carefulness, purple shading can likewise be applied to a puja place as this shading is known for improving reflection and fixation.

Here are some tips on how to protect your home with a Maa Durga statue:

  • Choose a sturdy statue, meticulously crafted from materials such as stone or metal, to safeguard it from potential harm or deterioration.
  • Place the statue in a prominent location within your home, such as the living room or entranceway, so that it can be appreciated by all who enter.
  • Commit to routine cleaning and upkeep to preserve the statue’s immaculate appearance and uphold its protective attributes.
  • Frequently offer prayers to Maa Durga to deepen your connection with the goddess and bolster the protective aura within your home.

You can follow these rules to bring the marble gods statues of Durga to ensure your home is protected from the evil eye.