In this fast-paced world, people do not have much time to sit down and eat a nice meal with their families. But for those who still do, would know how essential it is to get their dining table setting right. If you are hosting, few things like a formal dining table can impress your guests, especially when it is beautifully set. It actually shows your guests how much you truly care. That said, it is quite common to get confused with the dining table basics. But once you are familiar with the basics, this tedious looking task can be quite easy for you.

Here is a list of all the essentials that you must have for your dining table.

1. A tablecloth, runner, or placemat

If you are looking forward to making just one upgrade to your table, you can choose this one. A tablecloth or runner will help set the foundation of your tablescape in many different ways. It will transform the overall look of your table and establish the vibe that you desire to have—casual or formal. Besides, it will also provide you a clean slate to build upon.

While a table cloth or runner lends you a dressier spread, the placemats are more suitable for casual affairs. You can now find a Christmas holiday table runner for sale.

2. Napkins

Keep in mind that no tablescape ever needs napkin rings, especially when you can up the style game with beautifully colored or trimmed napkins. With a bunch of gorgeous styles available in the market and amusing ways to fold them for display, you can spend the money that you saved for napkin rings on table linen.

3. Serveware

While it’s easy to get the tablescape tunnel vision but, how you will actually serve the meal is a huge part of the experience. So do not forget to stock up to a few versatile pieces that can come out of the kitchen when your guests arrive and take center stage on your dining table. Along with platters and bowl, make sure to have at least a few sets of serving flatware on hand.

4. A dining table centerpiece

The beauty of this dining table centerpiece comes with infinite possibilities. As the name suggests, adding a centerpiece to your dining table can create a focal point for your guests. From faux floral arrangements to fruits, vegetables, and other simple decoratives, it can include anything. The only thing you need to pay attention is to the size of your dining table and the decorative item.

You can shop all these essentials from online stores that offer kitchen collections for free shipping. Now, ditch the pressure of following your grandma’s standards. Take the stress out of the table setting equation and break it down into what is an actual essential, an upgrade, or just a conventional touch seeking a modern twist.