Siblings are weird. Don’t they hate each other but also love each other unconditionally. This bittersweet relationship on the earth is the loveliest that one can have in his life. It is also amazing how brother and sister fight throughout the year like Tom and Jerry. Today everyone’s brother wants his sister to tie him a designer rakhi. But, they never miss a chance to shower their love for each other on a special day of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi is just around the corner, and the rakhi manufacturer is now ready to make your festival more optimistic with a trendy collection and exquisite designs.

What Raksha Bandhan Signifies?

Before you reach out to a rakhi wholesaler to buy the best designer rakhi for your beloved brother, you should understand the significance of Raksha Bandhan. The festival is marked as a day to celebrate the pure love of brother and sister in the world. On this auspicious day, a sister ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist and wishes for his happiness and long life. In return, the brother gives some gifts to her sister and takes a pledge to protect her from everything throughout life.

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Nowadays, designer rakhi manufacturer brings different rakhis for different purposes. They provide a wide range of rakhi collection that comes with dedicated significance to match your goals of buying rakhi for your dearest brother.

Let’s have a look at the designer rakhi options you have with their dedicated significance.

Rudraksha Rakhi

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Rudraksha holds a vast significance in Hinduism. This holy bead is originated from the teardrop of Lord Shiva. It has divine power and protects the wearer from sins and bad luck. It brings prosperity, wealth, and good health for your brother. It also has medical benefits and helps controlling stress, hypertension, and blood pressure. Nowadays, designer rakhi manufacturer in Jaipur keeps this rudraksha rakhi on top of its collection.

Beads Rakhi

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One of the valuable metals out there, beads are also associated with love, passion, luxury, courage, and positivity. So if you want to bless your beloved brother with happiness and harmony in life, you can get this beads wholesale rakhi online.

Evil Eye Rakhi

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To keep your brother protected against the evil eye, you should buy this evil eye rakhi. This rakhi creates a shield around the aura of the wearer from the evil spirits and bad luck. Nowadays, designer rakhi wholesaler keeps evil eye rakhi in their catalog and ensures you get the attractive options while buying rakhi for your dearest brother.

Stone Rakhi

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After beads, the stone is another auspicious metal out there. You can wish for peace, happiness, prosperity for his life. Nowadays, rakhi manufacturer offers stone rakhi to bring lots of lots happiness. It has good value and comes with decorated beads. Grace, elegance, and modernity are associated with stone designer rakhi.

Om Rakhi

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Om is a spiritual symbol and holds great significance in the life of humans. Om symbol is also associated with Lord Shiva and signifies holiness, purity, peace, and auspiciousness. When you tie om rakhi on your brother’s wrist, it will bring protection from the evil eye and give him power.

Peacock Rakhi

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Peacock is the purest bird in Hinduism. It signifies spirituality and positivity. So when you tie an auspicious tread of peacock feather on the wrist of your brother, it will safeguard him and bring fortune in his life.

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No matter what option you choose, you will indeed find a way to express your love for your brother subtly. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, you can select any auspicious rakhi and celebrate the love of siblings in style. Parag Rakhi is the leading manufacturer of designer rakhi that you would like to pick on this occasion of Rakshabandhan. Now, connect with it and buy the best rakhi the signifies your desires well.