Desiree Montoya, a popular TikTok star with over 2 million followers on Instagram, has been the subject of leaked content rumors. However, accessing or sharing leaked content is often illegal, unethical, and a violation of privacy. Here are some key points about Desiree Montoya and the leaked content rumors:

  • Leaked Content: There are multiple search results, including Twitter posts, Reddit threads, and archived pages, that mention leaked videos allegedly featuring Desiree Montoya. However, the authenticity and nature of these leaks are unclear, and it is important to approach such content with caution and respect for others’ privacy and dignity.
  • TikTok Video: In one of the search results, it is mentioned that Desiree Montoya shared a video online that shocked everyone. The specific content of the video is not described in the search results.
  • Instagram: Desiree Montoya’s Instagram account has 2 million followers and features various photos and videos. However, the specific content and nature of her Instagram posts are not related to the leaked content rumors.

Birth & Background

Desiree Montoya was born in Texas, USA, on February 23, 2005. Mayra Martinez, her mother, brought Desiree and her brothers Edward and Joseph Montoya up in the heart of Texas. As of 2023, she is 18 years old.

Desiree resides in Houston, Texas. She has amassed a sizable online following. She has become well-known because of the interest her content such as videos, and photos has generated. She is of Latina heritage. As far as nationality is concerned, Desiree is American.

Desiree Montoya: From TikTok Sensation to Social Media Stardom

Desiree Montoya kickstarted her social media journey on TikTok, where she delighted fans with her lip-syncing videos and a passion for R&B and hip-hop music. One pivotal moment came when she shared a video lip-syncing to Toni Romiti’s hit song “I Know,” which quickly gained thousands of likes and propelled her into the spotlight.

With her TikTok account ‘’ gaining verified status, Desiree expanded her digital presence to Instagram. Here, she showcased her day-to-day experiences, often featuring her cherished family and friends in her captivating photos.

Thanks to her exceptional posts and magnetic charisma, this talented American beauty rapidly gained a massive following, with millions of devoted fans flocking to her every day.

Desiree Montoya YouTube Journey

Desiree Montoya has created a couple of YouTube channels to showcase her interests and connect with her fans. On June 22, 2018, Desiree created a YouTube channel called “Diego & Desi” with her then-boyfriend, Baby Diego.

This channel has accumulated 512,000 views to date. The sole video on the channel is titled “BOYFRIEND DOES GIRLFRIEND’S MAKEUP !! (TOO MUCH MAKEUP),” and surprisingly, it has helped the channel gain 64.4K subscribers.

However, since Desiree and Diego are no longer together, the channel has remained inactive after that one video. In addition to “Diego & Desi,” Desiree also has a self-titled YouTube channel that she established on June 27, 2018.This channel primarily showcases videos related to her fashion and dress-up.

Desiree has even posted videos with her current boyfriend, Vincent Whitaker.

On her self-titled channel, the oldest and most popular video is titled “From the first day of 8th grade & mini vlog!!” This video has gained 1.1 M views to date. The second most popular video is “Grwm for homecoming :),” which has amassed more than 750K views.

Desiree is a huge supporter of Real Madrid. She regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel and calls her audience “ Designators” in an endearing way. In addition, she visited Universal Studios Florida in August 2018 and posted pictures from her vacation to Instagram.

Desiree Montoya’s Physical Dimensions

Desiree Montoya has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimetres. She maintains an approximate weight of 108 pounds, equivalent to 49 kilograms.

When it comes to her measurements, Desiree’s bust, waist, and hips are recorded as 32-24-32 inches, which translates to 81-61-81 centimetres.

Desiree Montaya: Relationship Status

@dami_elmoreno♬ sonido original – algo bn

Desiree Montoya is also a skilled makeup artist and she is in a romantic relationship with Damien Elmoreno, a well-known TikTok content creator. They initially met on TikTok and have been together for approximately 18 months.

Prior to meeting Damien, Desiree had been involved in several relationships. Her first boyfriend was Diego Martir, with whom she split in December 2018. Following this, she was in a relationship with Vincent Whitaker from 2019 until 2020.

Desiree Montaya: Social Media

Desiree Montoya Instagram

Desiree Montaya Instagram account @desireemontoya has 1.5 M followers. She also has another Instagram account @mfkingdesii having 282K followers.

Desiree Montoya TikTok♬ original sound – Simsational Memories

Her TikTok account goes by the handle having 3M followers and 327.4 M likes.

Desiree Montoya Twitter X

Desiree Montoya has a presence on Twitter X that goes by the handle @mfkingdesiii having 11.1 K followers.

Desiree Montoya YouTube

Desiree Montoya YouTube account goes by @DesireeMontoya05 and has 280K subscribers and 49 videos.

Desiree Montoya OnlyFans

Desiree Montoya also has an OnlyFans account @desireemontoya. There were rumors about leaked videos from her OnlyFans account and that they were circulating on different social media sites.

We recommend not clicking on sites that promise leaked video content as they may contain malware or some virus which can harm your system.

Desiree Montoya Net Worth

Desiree Montoya makes money mainly from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Her wealth is said to be a glittering 0.4 million dollars, a dazzling display of her hard-earned success.

Final Words

Desiree Montoya is a popular social media star known for her lip-syncing videos on TikTok. Despite recent rumors of leaked videos from her OnlyFans account, she continues to gain fame and success on various platforms like Instagram and YouTube.