1. Produce content that is of a high standard, relevant, and regular

Without excellent content, a lead generation blog is worthless. While the type of content you produce will vary depending on your industry, it should always have the following three characteristics:


If the content isn’t good enough, starting a blog for lead generation services is simply not worth your time. Longer, valuable content should be prioritized over shorter posts. Check out our method for producing “10x” content.


If your website’s visitors prefer chocolate, writing the best article ever on strawberry ice cream isn’t the best idea. Always write about the subjects on which your audience is interested. That is why conducting keyword research is so useful. Target keywords with high search volume but little competition for the best results, and avoid stuffing your content with keywords.


How frequently you publish new content is one of the most important factors for a successful lead generation blog, as I mentioned above. This not only gives your audience more motivation to return, but it also sends a strong signal to search engines. To keep up brand awareness and increase organic traffic, try to publish a post two to three times per week.

2. Know the purpose of the search

Algorithms used by search engines are becoming more complex. They are able to determine what you are looking for based on specific words in your search query, and they then display results that are most likely to meet your needs. For your lead generation blog, it is crucial to comprehend search intent in its simplest form.

View the first ten Google results for the keyword you’re aiming for. People’s interests are demonstrated by the type of content that appears here, which helps you determine the subject matter for your articles.

Keep using the example of the “chocolate ice cream.” Recipes from well-known brands appear at the top of a quick search for this phrase, making it challenging to surpass them. More specialized recipes, such as those without eggs or “no-cook,” are also available further down the page. Because they are much simpler to rank for and because they correspond to your audience’s specific search intent, these more specific posts are the type of content you should be producing. Try writing the best post possible on “lactose free chocolate ice cream” instead of “chocolate ice cream” to see how it goes. In addition to focusing on search intent, this method of content creation will eventually perform better.

3. Publish content for each step of the funnel.

Most often, people don’t become customers right away. Before they will consider purchasing, they need communication from you and a certain amount of value, which can take weeks or even months. It’s crucial to keep this communication in mind for your blog because it’s known as a lead generation funnel. Each of your potential customers is in a different stage of the purchasing process. You should deal with them slightly differently depending on where they are. Making content for each stage is one of the best ways to achieve that.

People at the top of your funnel, for instance, are probably not looking for a paid solution. Your informative blog posts can help them in their quest for knowledge. Regarding those who are prepared to buy at the bottom of the funnel: Now is the time to use feature lists and an effective sales page to demonstrate why your solution is the best.

This targeted approach to your content uses a funnel. Because you are providing something that people at all stages can use, it is so effective. By doing this, you also have the opportunity to gradually introduce your own goods or services as the remedy for the issues of your audience…when they are prepared for it.

4. Facilitate the sharing of your material

If no one ever sees your wonderful stuff, what’s the point? Although creating engaging content is the best method for generating SEO leads, you can increase the momentum by encouraging more people to share it.

Using tools to simplify the process is one of the finest methods to do it. Since you already spent so much time creating your content, you might as well make as many people aware of it as you can. Although content that is simple to share has many advantageous side effects for your company, there are two key advantages:

A larger area. This draws viewers from outside your target market research and raises the possibility that any material you create will become viral.

Enhanced user experience People want to share things they value, so your company should make it simple for them to do so.

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