In the season of Christmas, your house is in the most vulnerable position for intruders, especially because you are more than likely to have unopened items of high value, and also you have many guests at your homecoming and going. So, it is most likely to have a burglar into your house. Now, the question arises, how you can make your home secure and protected from any kinds of burglars and intruders.

Burglary is an opportunistic crime

Someone who is trying to break in will always look for an opportunity if the door or some window is open from where he can make it into the house. Most burglars do not even have to enter by force as the door or some window is slightly open giving them a complete entry into your property.

Following are some tips that you need to follow to ensure that your property is safe.

1. Check all the doors twice

Whenever some guest leaves your house especially at night times, always make sure that all doors are locked and none of them is having some problem.

2. Call a Local Locksmith.

If you are having doubts about your security system, call a local locksmith who can take a look at your security system and make it much more secure for you. But while calling a Local locksmith, always make sure that you are trusting the right person. There are many fake locksmiths in town, who ask for absurd amounts of money even for the simplest of tasks. Make sure you are trusting the right person.

How to know?

Well, now it’s a good question that how come we know that the person is a fake or real locksmith. So, always choose the emergency locksmith who is DBS certified. These are the real ones. Also, if he has a connection with NHS and Metropolitan police, it adds to his credibility.

3. Door chains or bells

Door chains also play an important role in letting you know that someone has entered the house. Suppose you are working in the kitchen and someone just entered your home, know if you don’t have door chains you might not know that, but in case you have, you will immediately know that someone is coming through, which will also make you alert.

4. Digital Locks

Now many locksmith companies are also offering digital locks. These locks can be controlled from your cell phone, via Bluetooth. These types of locks also have many more qualities like built-in alarm, vibration, and many more that can help you keep your home safe.

5. Lights

Although most of the burglaries happen in the daylight, the number is no less for night time too. Burglars tend to look for the house with no one present. Mostly in the days of some festival when people leave their homes for vacations. Now, the easiest way to keep any burglars away from your house is to turn at least one light on, it will reduce your chances of being burgled.

6. Don’t leave door keys at the easiest spots

Many people leave their keys beneath the mat at the front door, in the flower pot, or at places where anyone can find them easily. This habit should be changed. You can either give your key to a well-trusted neighbor or relative or even a friend. The keys at the front would work as a treat for the intruder.

Protect your valuables. Never leave your valuable things such as your jewelry, cell phone, car keys, or laptops at the spot where they can be seen directly through the window. Consider drapes, so that the interior of your house can be protected from the eyes of burglars.

Warm Water

This is by far the oldest and most successful method that the local locksmiths have been using. If you are at a location where it is easy to get warm water then you should make use of it. The heated water is capable of melting the ice. Moreover, it would easily enter the lock and loosen the ice that has formed there and stick the lock.

It is the same approach that you take with the windscreen of your car. However, like all other methods, we recommend that you insert and remove the key several times. Doing so would ensure that all the ice inside the lock is completely melted and removed. It will clear up the mechanics of the lock and make sure that they work smoothly and nothing is going to harm them.

Be careful what you lubricate your locks with

You need to be very careful when choosing something to lubricate the locks with. The locksmiths suggest that you should avoid the general oils. They build up inside the lock and cause several issues there. This stops the locks from working properly. They recommend that you use WD-40 for lubricating the locks. However, it is highly flammable so plan accordingly.