This growing pandemic not only created negative vibes in people but also demotivated them a bit. Thus, to stay motivated, you must watch videos of the most trusted motivational speaker like Akash Gautam who has 20+ years of experience in motivating people. He is one of the world’s topmost motivational speakers who provides you kickass inspirational content to motivate and inspire you. The government has recently imposed a lockdown in certain areas to protect people from this harmful virus attack.

In this era of lockdown and pandemic, many people struggle to get over several situations and need some motivation to stay well again. Thus, we suggest you read some motivational blogs for self-help present on the Akash Gautam website. Here you will find blogs related to being well, mindful, and finding the meaning of every moment.

Before the covid-19 outbreak, most of us have some plans, dreams, and hopes to plan the year. But now, it seems like life has put us on hold and most of us feel isolated and demotivated.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some essential tips that will help you to keep motivated in this era of a pandemic. You can follow these tips and motivate others and yourself. So, let us get started with it!

Useful tips to keep you motivated in this lockdown

When we have experienced the first lockdown, then most of us definitely felt demotivated. But there are couples of things that will help you to keep your motivation game strong. You must remember these tips mentioned in this article.

Make a routine

If you want to keep yourself motivated, then you should make a routine for your day-to-day tasks. Routine is necessary to stay motivated and positive. Creating a detailed schedule of things to do in your daily routine will serve to be a useful habit. You can always keep a track of what you need to do in your whole day and in this way, you can easily move forward towards other tasks.

Treat your body with the utmost respect

Always remember that your body is a temple and thus you should treat it with the utmost respect. You can keep your body mentally and physically fit by doing meditation, yoga, cold shower, etc. These activities will help to keep you fit and healthy. You can follow this mechanism daily and stay the active whole day. To motivate your mind, you should read some motivational blogs for self-help.

It’s ok to experience negative emotions

In this pandemic, it is common to have negative emotions. If you are facing the same, then you should not worry. Instead, you can keep yourself motivated by watching motivational videos or reading motivational stories. In this way, you will be able to feel happy from the inside. You can also take help from Akash Gautam, who is considered to be one of the best and most trusted motivational speakers.

Clean your house

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that you can clean your house and make the best use of available time in the lockdown. We understand that the current crisis has influenced the way of understanding important things. Keeping your focus on cleaning several things will let you bring joy and bring peace to your mind.

Follow a hobby

In this isolated time, you need to focus more on yourself. You can do this by following your hobby. Even if you are stuck at home, then also we recommend you to read some books and get in a room full of great books. It is a fact that reading can diversely help you to lower your stress and keep you happy. Thus most people invest their time in reading books. You can also opt for other activities like gardening, cooking, etc. through which you can discover the path of happiness. Therefore, you can follow these hobbies and get yourself to achieving mental peace.

Try to learn new habits

Another motivational thing, you can keep in mind is that you should try to learn some good and amazing habits. This will also help to rediscover your new passion and bring a lot of joy. You will be able to create a super relaxing and peaceful environment. You can opt for painting, drawing, or any other things that will help you to gain some knowledge. Thus, in this way, you will be able to develop your passion by learning new skills.

Keep calm with yoga

Yoga is the best activity you can do in this lockdown. Many of us will feel lazy and demotivated at this time. But we recommend you to take some time out to do yoga in the early morning. This will not only help to keep your mind calm but will also help you to stay fit. Thus this is the best activity you can opt for while staying at home.

These are some amazing tips you can follow to keep yourself motivated. These tips will also help you to reduce your mental stress.


Here in this article, we have mentioned some amazing and useful tips that will help you to keep motivated in the lockdown. With the growing attack of coronavirus diseases, most people feel demotivated. In this lockdown, many people are filled with negative emotions and thoughts as well. Thus, to decrease the stress and tension in this era, you can follow these motivation tips. You can also read some motivational blogs for self-help and watch some motivational videos. If you do not have any idea of whose motivational videos you need to watch, then do not worry. We recommend you to watch Akash Gautam motivational videos as he is one the most trusted motivational speaker and provide you with inspirational content.  So, get ready to indulge yourself in the motivation with the help of Akash Gautam. We are sure his content will inspire and motivate you in difficult times.