The holiday season is all about giving each other presents and spreading love. It’s also the biggest shopping season of the year. People walking in the store and buying products and services all month long, retailers have the best time of their lives. 

Holiday shopping starts from the end of November and goes till the new year. So, naturally, retail stores get stocked up to drive the most sales during these months. But sometimes things don’t turn out as retailers want them to and they are left with a bunch of unsold items. Ever happened to you? Worry no more, we are here to get those products from your shelves into customers’ hands just before the holiday shopping spree ends.

Ring up your old customers

When in doubt, call your loyal customers. They are the ones who are already engaged with your brand and love you for it. It’s a lot easier to convince them to do more business with you than winning new customers over. You can even ask your loyal customers to bring you new ones by referring you to their family and friends. But remember, you have to show love to these customers to get some back. So, make sure you offer them special discounts and spiffs for bringing you sales.

Use your social media pages to spread the word about you offering special discounts to your existing customers. Tell them how much you miss them and want to share the happiness of holidays with them. Entice them with the things you have planned for them the next time they visit your store.

It’s the holidays, folks! Get in the feels and show reach out to your old buddies. 

Attract first-time buyers with exciting offers

It’s true that winning new customers is expensive and requires a lot of effort. However, if done right, first-time sales can be game-changing for your retail business. What can work better than offering dedicated discounts for first-time buyers? 

Just like posting about your existing customer offers, post about your first-time buyer offers on your social media pages. You can also give these new customers referral bonuses for shopping in groups. 

Make these shoppers feel special for doing business with you for the first time and they’ll definitely come back for more.

Send emails full of gift ideas

Next, help the people who are on the fence about what to buy for Christmas gifts for their families by tailoring some interesting gift ideas out of your products and services. Be creative and make multiple lists like “gift ideas for mom”, “gift ideas for dad”, “gift ideas for friends”, etc. Share these gift ideas with your email contacts as well as on your social media pages. 

This will help the viewers decide what they can buy for their loved ones and they’ll know exactly where to get it from — your store.

Host a contest

Another interesting way of hitting big holiday sales numbers is to host a contest on social media. All you have to do is pick the most-popular store item and offer it for free in a lucky draw. Ask people to buy stuff from your store to enter the contest and get as many sales as you can. And then, choose and announce your winner just before the big holiday. Wrap their free gift and ship it to their address. 

If you receive a really good response, you can even make a separate contest for each holiday. And don’t worry about the price of the free items, the sales you’ll get from people entering the contest will easily cover that up. 

Offer free gift-wrapping service

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? What can be better than free gift wrapping on holidays? Tell people that all they have to do is pick what they want and you’ll take it from there, packing it up in shiny paper and accessorizing the package with a ribbon for FREE. They’ll take anything and everything from you.

Offer same-day delivery service

When the holiday season comes to an end, people are really freaked out about getting their presents right on time. And if you offer them a same-day delivery service, they are all yours. Tell them you’ll get their presents shipped to their loved ones’ addresses just in time for the event and seal more and more deals. You can spice things up even more with freaky fast plus FREE delivery service. 

Bundle up your products

Holiday shoppers are getting smarter and sharper every year. They know that retailers like you wait till the very last time to bring in bigger discounts. So they wait for you to bundle up some products and services and tag them off with a discount. Why not give them exactly what they want? 

Group the products that you have left in stock, throw in some services and present the package offers that they can’t say no to and you have got yourself more sales.


This one’s pretty simple. Customers come in, pick what they want, and come to the checkout counter to pay for it. While they are preparing to pay, you just have to suggest more items to go with the products and services they are already buying. But don’t be too pushy because that will annoy the customers. Be as smooth as possible by making it sound like you are doing this for them and not to increase your sale. Also, the items that you suggest must relate to what they are buying. Don’t just throw things in and lose your overall sale. 

Happy Holidays!

Holidays are a crazy time of the year. Shoppers are triggered to buy anything and everything as long as it’s on sale or on discount. You just have to play smart to make the most of this time. Your POS software can help you do that. You can send automated discount and gift idea emails to all your existing customers, create and sell product bundles, add and checkout items in customers’ cart, and much more! 

Just remember to have fun and spread the love of holidays and customers will be all yours!