The world of golf is more inclusive than ever before. The proof of this is the active participation and inclusion of women in the world of golf. Another proof is the establishment of golf clubs for women and women’s golf festivals in countries like Canada. This has made professional golfers like Canadian professional golf player, Me Jean-François Goulet, happy. The Canadian-born golfer has been playing the sport for so many years. He has won two PGA matches over the years.

About The Tournament

Two major Canadian golf clubs, namely, Glencoe Golf Country Club and Golf Canada, recently collaborated on a new venture. The collaboration aims to enhance the participation of women in golf and to create women’s golf festivals. The festival is expected to start after the golf tournament and is expected to last for a week.

Furthermore, this festival is an initiative of the Digital Commerce Bank Glencoe Invitational.

Glencoe Invitational was founded in 1992 to hold golf tournaments for professional golfers to compete on the course. Nearly 100 golfers participate in this event, including men and women golfers. Both men and women athletes compete for the more than 53 holes available on the course.

Aim of the Events

The following are the aims of the events. To:

  • Foster the spirit of sportsmanship among golfers of all ages and gender.
  • Encourage more women to join and participate in golf.
  • Focus on creating long-time programs for girls and ladies that propel them from amateurs to professionals.
  • Reduce discrimination against women golfers.
  • Enhance the game of golf to make it more fun and satisfying for women in particular, and all golfers in general.
  • Make sure the game of golf and the golf course is all-inclusive and safe for golf players.

Let players, especially women, experience the mental and physical benefits of playing golf.

  • Bridge the gap between male and women golfers.

The 2023 Match

This year’s golf match is starting on the 15th of June 2023 and ends on June 17, 2023. For the women’s category, the winner will take home a cash price of 60,000 Canadian Dollars. In addition, the champion will get the CP women’s Open exemption ticket this year.

According to Me Jean-François Goulet, the Canadian golfers will participate in the tournament. But for foreign players, they will be chosen by Golf Canada to participate in the game.

Likewise, the Canadian team is tasked with providing training camps and courses for coaches and golfers in Calgary. All participating athletes will have access to the camps and other facilities.

Qualifying Match 

After the match, Golf Canada is going to hold a United States Amateur qualifying match for women golfers in Alta. This is a chance for professional golfers to shine and move on to the U.S. Open.

Is the Championship Important?

The Invitational championship is an initiative to enhance golf in Canada. It helps to give more chances for women to play golf. Moreover, Glencoe is investing in this championship to attract women to become interested in golf. Canadian golf lovers and professionals are grateful to Glencoe for allowing them to prove their talents. They further express their gratitude to Glencoe for creating an all-inclusive tournament to improve golf development in the country.

Golf Canada’s Opinion

Golf Canada is proud to work with Glencoe to enhance women’s tournaments and provide extra golf activities for the community. The body promised to encourage more girls and women in Canada to join the world of golf. Therefore, it would be an honour to join Glencoe and make this dream come true.

Me Jean-François Goulet also agreed that the joint partnership will certainly be a success and benefit golfers. It’s also certain that Glencoe and Golf Canada’s goals to let golfers have the ultimate experience on the golf course align. In his words, this would be the opportunity many amateur golfers are looking for to shine in their motherland.

Women’s Golf Festival

Once the competition ends, a golf festival for women will begin two days later. This festival is one of many community events slated to occur after the tournament. Other events to occur include promotional and recreational sports activities, games for women golfers, and so on. Junior leagues are not excluded from participating in these events. The organizers of these events promise that people will have fun and have the chance to interact with other athletes.

How to Participate In The Event

Interested participants can check online for information regarding the festival and programs. Those living in Calgary can also find this info on the Calgary government website.

The Festival Sponsors and Supporters

The festival is sponsored by Glencoe and Golf Canada. There is also support from stakeholders such as R&A, and Alberta Golf. These supporters and sponsors ensure the event goes smoothly without a problem. They will pilot the event and help the organizers out whenever they need it.


Lastly, the world of Golf is not as monotonous as many assumed. Me Jean-François Goulet confirmed how diversified and interesting the sport is. According to him, no two games are ever the same, even if you are playing with the same opponent. Whenever he has a match, he always anticipates what the match will bring. To him, every game is unique and this makes him love the sport more. Therefore, he urges amateur golfers, especially women, to also participate in this year’s golf festival happening in Calgary, Canada.