Over the years there have been a lot of changes in home decor design around the world and Australia is not an exception. Various home decor design trends emerge every season and every home decor designer or company needs to be updated on the latest trend. Due to home decor trends that keep changing, many homeowners are also tempted to update their home decor.


Here are some of the latest home decor designs that Logan Puller Maryborough was able to compile for you. In case you are considering making some updates to your home interiors or changing them completely. 


Plants or Dried Flower Display

One of the latest home design decor now is the use of dried flowers which is a slight change from the use of houseplants. Don’t get me wrong the use of houseplants is still trending but dried flowers last longer and it requires little or no maintenance. 


Nowadays there are also a lot of artificial/fake plants available in the market that you can use. Look for a pretty and colourful pot to display your plant or dried flower depending on what looks good with your interiors.


Nature Colour Palette

This season and time a natural and earthy colour palette is also in use. As it gives that welcoming, comforting and liveable look. You don’t want to overdo it, instead mix it up by introducing the colour to one part of the room and make sure all other accessories complement the colour well. Nature-inspired colours give your home that harmonious feel.


Roof Windows

Many homeowners are opting for the roof window as they want their home filled with natural light. Though it may be popular for modern kitchens, this trend also works perfectly for any room. Using a roof window helps improve productivity as many people now work from home and it ensures airy space and light. And it can be of great benefit to home wellbeing. 


Natural Texture and Material

One of the latest, simple and easy trends one can incorporate into home decor is natural texture and material. Natural textures and materials of various types and different shades of colour can give character and personality to a room. Bold colours are now being replaced by textures. 


The main emphasis of this trend is the use of natural materials. To make any space feel inviting it can be packed with throw pillows, faux furs and comforting cushions. You can consider doing something different with the wall by adding wall hangings and accessories. Another way of adding different fabrics and textures to your home is through rugs, throws and blankets. 


In Conclusion

What  Logan Puller Maryborough was able to deduce from the latest trending home decor designs is a comforting, liveable and nurturing home. As an interior designer or a home decor lover, you should always look forward to the year ahead because home interior design trends keep changing. So you can decide to update your home interior to any of the trends listed above.