Coming up with an original logo design from scratch can be an incredibly daunting task, especially if it is your first time creating one for your own business. It can be difficult to feel inspired when you’re starting off in a blank state, so here are a few tips to stimulate your creative muscles!

Build around your business’ concepts

A good logo is one that accurately reflects your business’ goals, products and/or culture in a simple manner. Take Nike’s tick logo for example – a universal symbol used to present positivity and the phrase ‘just do it’. If you have a slogan of your own, it will be beneficial to link your logo to your slogan’s meaning symbolically in one way or another. For example, if your small business is a cafe and your slogan is ‘using only the best coffee beans’, creating a logo based on a shiny coffee bean so that it relates directly to your business’ concept. 

Think simple and practical

You’ll notice that the most memorable logos are ones that are simple and easy to replicate. Not only are simple logos most practical (they are easy to print onto business products), they can also be impactful depending on how they are related to a business’ concept. To keep things as simple as possible, stick to only one colour scheme (with a maximum of three shades), make use of your basic shapes and include white spaces. You’ll see that in today’s most popular logos (such as Starbuck’s and Apple’s), only one colour is used and the whole image uses only basic abstract shapes.

Browse trending art styles

In today’s world of social media and never-ending web activity, art has moved from its traditional printed state to more digital forms. Through platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler or even Facebook, you’ll be able to find a lot of independent artists promoting their artwork and sometimes, even selling them. It will be easy to get inspired when digitally surrounded by many talented artists, so be sure to browse trending art styles on internet platforms to get those creative juices flowing!

Don’t forget about the legal restrictions

As tempting as it may be to be as creative as possible when designing your logo, you will still need to keep the legalities of it in mind. Remember to not include any commonly-used or religious symbols, as you may unintentionally offend other businesses or community groups. Also research trademarked logos in your region so that you do not violate any regulations and design a logo that is too similar to an existing and trademarked one. In the case that you are having trouble sorting out the legalities behind your logo design, consider consulting a legal professional specialising in business law, as they may be able to prevent any legal complications from occurring as a result of your logo in the future.

Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll never run out of inspiration when designing your logo! Remember to reach out to communities and professionals who may be able to make the process all the more fun and easy!