Concrete is a complex material and the most common and most used material in the construction of any type of building, streets, sidewalks, garages, shops, and restaurants. Concrete is complex because concrete depends on the mixing of materials. Concrete is the name of an aggregate mixture of sand, cement, water, and stones. The right ratio and the right procedure of mixing these materials are important and significant. Contractors in new york city use different procedures of mixing concrete to create different types of concrete. For example, for the sidewalk repair contractors new york city mixes the concrete differently to repair the sidewalk than to mix the concrete to repair the floor of the house.

In this topic, we will take a look into the mixing procedure of concrete because many people don’t know the right way of mixing concrete, and they often ask this question: how to mix the concrete in a mixer? To mix the concrete there are two types of concrete mixers used: batch concrete mixer and the automatic continuous concrete mixer.

Batch mixer

To mix the concrete in the batch mixer the contractor first has to decide the type of concrete he wants to use or the project demands. After that, the material will be added to the mixer. Batch mixers have different types and shapes and contractors have to keep in mind the capacity of the batch mixer so that the concrete does not get wasted. After that concrete contractors add the right amount of material and mix it by spinning the batch mixer until the required consistency is achieved. Batch mixers are also called drum mixers or pan mixers due to their shapes. they deliver the concrete in batches as the concrete is needed. The batch mixer is more common and more in use. Because the batch mixer is cheap and affordable plus it can be owned by anyone due to its different types of shapes and sizes. To mix the concrete first add sand and cement in the mixer and let it get mixed for about a minute or two. After that add aggregate or stones and let it get mixed for a minute and then after that add water bucket by bucket so that the concrete doesn’t get too watery. Because the concrete gets too much water it will not get the style and all the material will go to waste.

Continuous mixer

As the name suggests that continuous concrete mixer doesn’t need manual labor it is a machine and the contractor just have to add the materials in different cabins of that machine after that the machine will mix the concrete and will deliver the concrete to the construction site until the construction is going on or the machine is not turned off. It has another type of concrete mixer that is mounted on the truck and it delivers to the construction site. This type of concrete is also called ready mix concrete and the advantage of this type is that the concrete doesn’t go to waste. The truck mounted mixer is also called a volumetric mixer.