The swifts transition to working from home by organizations as the world battled with the corona virus crisis has been quite commendable. What seems to be too risky to operate, or the unpredictability of the success tends to be the new norm as organizations need to remain productive during this unprecedented time. However, this seems to be going nowhere anytime soon and will have a huge impact on how organizations carry out their operations. While some have already embraced this new normal and ready to explore the opportunities it has to offer, others cannot wait to get back to the office environment as they don’t feel confident enough to navigate any changes that might come. Whatever the category you belong, what can organizations do during this time to get employees engaged, build more trust and accountability for desired results? Here, Modern Millionaires, a business that has built its multi-million dollar business and also helping others to do the same provides ways in which organizations can thrive during this time of uncertainties and beyond. Before going further, check out Modern Millionaires Review to see what brands and businesses have got to say.

Developing more emotionally intelligent employees

The pandemic has not only taken a toll on health but also on finance and looming in most employees’ minds is the possibility of layoffs or salary cuts. Added to this is the fear and anxiety crippling the society at this time coupled with the pressures of meeting both home and work obligations. Organizations at this time must take mental and emotional health more seriously than ever. Emotions and feelings should be expressed and addressed in order to have good relationships and work under pressure. Although it might take time, emotional intelligence can be cultivated through dedicated effort.

Building a collaborative and productive environment

A crisis like COVID 19 highlights the importance of collaboration for systematic resilience and long-term success, especially in a social-distancing world. Organizations need to come together and the fabric of trust needs to be ingrained across diverse stakeholders and employees. New skills and ideas have to be pulled together and expert perspectives analyzed to address rapidly changing problems and quickly respond to it.

Harnessing the power for technology

Digitalization becomes the need for the hour and will continue to post COVID 19. Online meetings, recruitment, and training of employees, meeting customer expectations during the lockdown. Tech giants keep coming out with new services and products to tackle the pandemic challenges. Technology has brought about efficiencies in operation and there have been new opportunities embedded in digitalization for work and workplace. It’s more of seeing it as an opportunity to be leveraged for growth rather than a temporary alternative to address problems.

 Fostering a more entrepreneurial culture

Creating an entrepreneurial culture has become important in the business world and even more important with remote working. It’s time organizations start seeing their employees as partners with importance to the organization but not as instruments to meet business goals.  Make them feel empowered to take the lead, take up challenges, and drive positive change. Provide opportunities for growth and reward them for tackling problems and working towards organizational interests.

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