It is my observation during a trip to Morocco that Moroccan tastes travel along with you during all your journeys. Food is an important element of one’s life as you have to eat to live and keep yourself fresh and focused on your things. In Morocco, what I enjoyed a lot is the food and of course the beauties and other adventures a holiday destination like Morocco offers. Food is famous among all  Morocco Tourist attractions for the vacationers who come from all over the world to enjoy their holidays there.  Morocco is a stunning place you need should visit and make your moments more special.

What is special in Moroccan food?

Moroccan Food is important with respect to its unique Arabian tastes. The spices made in Morocco and then used in cooking only belong to Morocco and you will not find those tastes from any other part of the earth. But in Morocco, I observed a very unique thing, If tagine, a very special and traditional dish is made in Marrakech and the same is made in Casablanca or Chefcouen would be different.

What is the difference when the dishes are the same and the ingredients are almost the same? Yes, this is the real representation of local cultures. Every region has its own way of making a single dish, and that makes a dish very special, especially for the people, come from Europe to visit Morocco. What dishes are famous and must-try, dishes would be discussed in this article. First is a very famous and the king of all the other dishes in Morocco, that is Tajine.

Moroccan Tajine: King of all Moroccan Dishes 

Tajine is called to be a king of all the Moroccan dishes. If you are planning to trip Morocco this time, you will be tasting Tajine of many types there. I landed in Marrakech and tasted an authentic taste of Tajinem but when I moved to Casablanca and the other places of the country, I observed a great difference. Then my guide told me that this is a cultural influence on dishes. When I moved to Rabat, there I found Spanish influences and on the other areas, dishes that belong to certain destinations have the local influences as well as the foreign tastes too. Lamb is a common ingredient that is traditionally used to make this dish special. Must try Lamb Tajine if in Morocco, feel the differences and give your observations to the other travelers, it’s interesting.


It is another common and very famous dish in Morocco. Like Tajine, it is also made of many types. You will be served Couscous with other dishes made in meat or vegetables. I tasted Couscous in Chefchaouen and then in Rabat, believe me, there was a great difference in the ingredients and way of making the dish. I felt the difference and it was fun. Why fun? Because I feel that the Cuisine of the destination travels with you. You travel the places and taste the difference in tastes, that gives you the real experience of your trip. And most importantly, these tastes will keep your memories alive.

Shish kebab in Djema el Fna

I remember my first experience in the evening when I landed in Marrakech and directly headed to have the first experience of Morocco in Djema el Fna. Djema el Fna is a market very famous for its charms and joys. I saw there the fire swallowers, snake charmers and jugglers, but as I was hungry, I reached the food stalls and for the very first time, I ate Kabab kinda thing. My guide who picked me from the airport and was accompanying me in Djema el Fna told me that those Kababs are famous as Shish Kababs. Shish Kababs were so Yummy. If you are standing on a food stall or having a meal in a 5-star hotel, you must take an opportunity of the trendy and traditional Shush Kababs there. If you want to know, Shish Kababs are also called brochettes.


Pastilla is another very famous dish you can’t miss in Morocco. It is, in fact, one of my all the time favourite dish you can say. This traditional dish is literally a trendy and Moroccans make this on special occasions. It specifically contains slightly more spices and butter which makes it special. If you are in Morocco and don’t have an opportunity to taste Pastilla, you have nothing done special yet. Get into any of the restaurant or café and find Pastilla in their menu, you will be served with the other protocols of the dish like Salad, etc. Yes, don’t forget to take the mint tea as a complimentary on it. It is a tradition there. Mint tea is served after every meal.


It is a soup and used as an appetizer mostly, but no. I took Harira many times and that worked like a complete meal for me.  It is rich in vegetables and pieces of meat as per the demand. Harira has mostly used a dish, in Ramadan Moroccans use to eat Harira when they break their fast in evening prayer. So yes, It is very tasty and must to try dish in Morocco, if you are in Morocco, gulp boul of Harira, it will have a pleasant experience on your trip.

Tastes add a lot of fun in your travel in Morocco, if you are there, separate the budget for the eateries in Morocco because keep in mind, you are not tasting the traditional foods of the holiday destinations, there is no need to go to explore that specific place. The taste makes your trips special. So Good luck with the wonderful Moroccan tastes!