As technology continues to develop and both businesses and individuals turn to the cyber space for professional and recreational purposes, the value of cyber security has also started to rise. While internet safety may not be a large concern for everyday internet surfers, it is certainly at the forefront of today’s business problems. 

Hence, there are many careers in high demand in the modern cyber security space, and for those who are already interested in IT, such options may be helpful to keep in mind.

Security consultant

A security consultant is a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual in the cyber security space. While not an expert in any particular field of cyber security, a security consultant will know enough to provide businesses and individuals with tailored cyber security advice in a comprehensive fashion. A security consultant may help with issues such as cyber security risks and solutions as well as capital and data security. 

Security consultants are often the gateway to the cyber security space, thus must be experts on cyber security in their own right. Security consultants are also well-versed in a variety of business industries, and have amicable social skills to communicate with clients. Due to this, they are considered incredibly important and irreplaceable to the cyber security industry.

Security software developer

A security software developer builds the software platforms which afford individuals and businesses a safe cyber experience. Without security software developers, cyber security would not exist.

The role of a security software developer often involves the integration of security into existing software applications, or building entirely new security measures to protect data stored within everyday electronic devices (for example, your computer, phone, tablet). Not only is a security software developer an expert in the cyber security space, they are also often team players, who will work as part of a group to develop successful security software.


An ethical hacker is another career path in cyber security that is in high demand. An ethical hacker requires a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification and usually works under employers who provide them licenses to infiltrate particular security systems. Ethical hackers test the strength of existing security measures, and help with identifying problems within cyber security, as well as suggest their own solutions to problem solve.

IT and security analyst

Similar to a security consultant, IT and security analysts work at the forefront of cyber networks  and are often the first line of defense against any security breaches. However, IT and security analysts are different to consultants in the way they help their clients. Instead of communicating directly with businesses and individuals, they often help by providing valuable research for a consultant to analyse, as well as put  firewalls and encryption orders in the case of security breaches.

Interested in one or more of the above career options in cyber security? It’s always best to test the waters first with some hands-on experience and industry education. Consider registering for a cyber security and information technology course at a reputable educational institution, and start your journey in cyber security in a welcoming environment!