This is probably the most common question I ask myself when people watch my videos and ask about my accuracy with paintball guns. Since the beginning of time, a man has been trying to evolve his weapon to further customize it. The painters don’t change, so every weekend we shoot in the woods/fields and try to hit the targets with the balls. Any advantage we can get from this effort is worthwhile and can make us play for a few minutes instead of going to the box office!

Paintball guns!!!

The most important factor for the accuracy to shoot a paintball gun is the color you draw! Learning to buy good colors is key to your ability to take accurate photos. And many people fall into the trap of thinking that the “X” sign is the best. In my experience, this is not the case either, as all color images can be damaged by improper storage! And good conservation is not easy. The paint must be returned and stored in a cool, air-conditioned place.

I actually put my bags on a folded towel in my closet. I send back the cases every week, obviously there are a lot of problems, but playing with nice colors is a COST problem! I also use sachets with silica in my pocket when I keep them for a long time or when the ink is open. If you keep the paint in the box, the tank itself will consume a lot of paint, causing the top paint containers to “swell” or “empty” the bottom. This destroys the accuracy of these colored strokes. This is why it is so important to purchase “fresh” paint when it is shipped correctly. This is one of the reasons many players don’t buy paint in stores because they don’t know how much time is spent on that shelf.

Broken ink streaks in a new ink pouch cause other neat problems, a cracked layer of paint covers the cartridge and ends up in the piston and tube, and subsequent shots won’t fly by themselves. Please check the color photos before purchasing. Open each box and look at each envelope to see if there are any perforated or broken ink stains inside the envelopes. If so, look for some of the best! This will make your day in the field a lot more fun.

When you learn to buy the perfect round paint with no visible holes or seams, you’ll think you’ll draw like any pen or spray.


This is often the first update for players to improve their accuracy. There is a distinct difference in improving performance from lower quality to better. But again, the biggest difference will always be the good color. I even have a backbone. I prefer long, flat shots and don’t want to buy expensive models from the first shot. I now use my regular MonsterSpin rod (a new Tippmann Flatline with a custom Apex 2 frame at the end, bespoke). I think this stick is the best I have ever used and over the years I have tried the clay stick.

You can also buy gauges for many barrels to match the color to the size of the barrels. This allows you to opt for smaller caliber imports as most colors are now smaller than they were a few years ago. And the better it fits, the better your goal is.

A consistent paintball gun marker

You need a chronograph to try it out or you can do it next time in your field. What is shooting at your shield, shot after shot? If you use the good round color you will see +/- 3fps (6fps interval) between photos. Just over 10 photos each. Secondly, you will see fluctuations between images and in the collection with perfect color stability. In all my years of painting, I have had only one perfect suitcase. Perfect painting is so rare! Then learn to hold the slider so that it keeps blowing. This means that any time you notice fluctuations between the plates and they have been properly lubricated and maintained, you will need to install new washers. Read the instruction manual to know how to use a paintball gun.

Continuous air source

Many players have found that compressed air is the only air source that is stable enough for +/- 3 fps shots on their paintball gun marker, which is standard on paintball precision guns. I’ve been using Co2 since the beginning of the game and using an external line (which acts as an expansion chamber that allows air to expand before entering the brand) you can achieve the same performance with traction. Paintball gun in “low” style at the bottom. Most high-quality guns do not work with CO2 so you need compressed air to do this. However, you can get very slippery shots with compressed air or CO2. You can also use regulators to put the same amount of gas into the cursor for each shot.

Above all, there are several First Strike missiles and rifles that need to be discussed in terms of accuracy. You can read the first rounds of attacks if you do not know them. The initial research is not within the scope of this article, but it is worth studying if you are serious about accuracy.

Above all, you must need the best paintball gun to get the optimum level of accuracy and efficiency.