A pet is perpetually a member of the family who deserves, the most suitable food. It is essential to purchase the right food for your pet in order to make them healthy, happy, and full of energy. Different pets have different food requirements depending upon their age, type, and life. Identifying which food is best for your pet can improve the pet’s quality of life.

So herewith the help of an expert dog trainer – Stephanie Taunton, let’s find out which are the best and popular pet food brands that can enhance your pet’s life.

Stephanie Taunton Dog Trainer
Stephanie Taunton Dog Trainer


Every pet owner desires to feed their pets with the foods rich in antioxidants, proteins, healthy fatty acids, nutrition, etc. It is difficult to find such things in a single diet. But now, Orijen has made it possible for you. It is a perfect blend of diet for pets. Orijen is widely recommended by various veterinary doctors and trainers so that the pet may receive a nutritious and biologically appropriate diet. However, this diet may spend some bucks out of your pocket, but will definitely enhance your pet’s quality of life. Also, Orijen is available in different flavors so that your pet may enjoy a different taste and treat every time he/she consumes Orijen.


Nutro is a comprehensive dry food diet that contains all the high-quality proteins and nutrition in it. Also, it does not contain genetically modified crops in it, which means that it is an ultra-clean diet for the pets. It contains ingredients such as sunflower oil, whole grains, seeds which are an excellent blend for a high-fiber and proteinaceous diet.


This pet food is essentially formulated to the pets that are having a  sensitive stomach. Canidae is generally formed of nutritionally impenetrable flesh and fish having compelling flavorings. Due to which it is loved by all the pets. Whether your pet is inclined to stomach or abdomen pains or not, he/she will definitely swallow the last bite. You can say that Canidae is one of the best serving food for pets that are more sensitive to diseases.


If you observe that your dog is tired of eating frozen and dry foods, then you must try Weruva. This pet food brand consists of food in liquid or gravy form which comes in small packed pouches. Also, Weruva contains an extensive type of flavors that will make your pet love with it. It contains grain-free ingredients such as animal-sourced protein and omega fatty acids, which are a good source of essential proteins and fiber. Also, it is easy to feed and can be given on a daily basis.

American Journey

It is made for daily ventures, it contains ingredients that are grain-free such as real meat and high-quality complex carbohydrates. This is the perfect blend of diet that can be given to a pet daily.

So these were some of the pet food brands explored by Stephanie Taunton – an expert pet trainer. For any queries related to pet foods, one can leave a comment in the comment section below. We will put up our knowledge and solve your queries.