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Written by Peter Biantes | January 5, 2023

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Tourists and explorers in Australia should not leave the country without tasting its diverse flavorful cuisines. There are many dining spots in Australia that serve wonderful food from different cultures. This is why Peter Biantes, an Australian passionate about health and wellness, loves to dine in Australia. Peter Biantes, a former executive of Wattle Health in Australia, is a health-conscious person who so much believes in health and wellness. This is why he once worked at Wattle Health, a natural health and wellness production firm. So if you are ever in Australia, check any of the restaurants listed below.

Wildflower Restaurant

Wildflower Restaurant

Wildflower, a restaurant located in Perth, creates seasonal food that you’ll never forget. The restaurant is built on the COMO hotel rooftop. Additionally, Wildflower makes seasonal dishes according to the Aboriginal calendar. The Aboriginal has six seasons, and each is different from the other. Hence, the Wildflower also prepares their food according to each season. So don’t be surprised if you taste Western Australian flavor when you and your family go to Wildflower.


Brae Restaurant

If you are in the mood for some fancy dining, then Brae is the answer. It is a restaurant located in a countryside cottage on a farm. The farm is still open, and they use organic products to grow organic crops. Don’t be fooled by the countryside look. Peter Biantes assures you that you’ll always eat the finest dishes there.

Why Brae should be your choice

The seasonal food preparation concept made by Brae is a unique one that makes the restaurant stand up. This is why many people like Peter Biantes rate Brae well in Australia. When you reach the restaurant, you’ll notice it has a countryside feel to it. But there is a surprise waiting for you. Inside the restaurant is a luxurious dining place that is posh and natural at the same time. To make it more special, Brae also serves and presents food on organic plates.

Menu Items

Brae set their menus according to whatever farm produce they farm for that period. But you can always be sure to find the freshest vegetables, fruits and many more there.


Attica Restaurant in australia

Attica is one of the best restaurants in town. Ben Shewry is the owner of Attica, a restaurant that provides creative dishes to guests. Although the restaurant is small, its design is superb and clean. Attica offers exquisite dining for diners who frequent the restaurant. Attica is also very creative with the way it presents its food to customers who order from them.

The Food you can Order

Attica doesn’t have many menus, but they often change their menus to make the taste unique. Dishes on the menu include dumplings, wattle, Vegemite, and many more.

Lulu La Delizia

Lulu La Delizia

The name of this restaurant already signifies that it is an Italian name, which means they serve Italian dishes. Lulu has many Italian cuisines and these are listed on the menu.

Why you Should Choose this Place

It has an airy and well-lit atmosphere that soothes the customers once they enter. The dining room is well-ventilated with wide windows that bring in cool air. Lulu is an ideal spot for eating lunch during your lunch break. You can also bring your family to dine for lunch too. Your family will feel relaxed while enjoying Italian cuisine at the same time. And for those who don’t wish to eat inside the restaurant, Lulu has outdoor dining too. You can seat outside and view the scenery while you eat.

Menu Item

Lulu has a range of menu items, including appetizers, main course meals, desserts, and so on. They also serve delicious drinks to accompany the meals.

Pee Wee

Pee Wee

Formally known as Pee Wee’s at the Point, this restaurant is a contemporary one that is located in front of the ocean. Customers can eat inside and listen to the calming sound of the ocean. While some can opt for outdoor dining on the patio outside and watching the ocean waves. Pee Wee use fresh agricultural produce to make their meals.

The Reason why You Should go to Pee Wee

The number one reason is the oceanfront view you can’t afford to miss while you dine. And if you are a fan of casual eating, then you must go to Pee Wee. Furthermore, customers can stay inside and eat comfortably. But they will still have a view of the ocean if they do so. However, if you love the smell of the ocean and the fresh breeze, you can choose to have your meal outside. Peter Biantes confirmed that eating at Lulu is a therapeutic experience.

Menu Items

Pee Wee sometimes bake their food in the oven, so you will love the baked goodies they have on offer. In addition, the menu includes lamb rack seared with different flavors and spices, mozzarella (buffalo), and many more.


According to Peter Biantes, it doesn’t matter whether you choose fancy or casual dining. What really matters most is if you enjoy the experience and the dining atmosphere. But no matter which restaurant you go to in Australia, you will always be amazed by their excellent cuisine. The dining atmosphere is also set up in a way that customers will come back for more.

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