The corona pandemic has affected every business every strategy no matter what companies planned for the marketing despite all the efforts and time companies gave to plan, Corona has ruined it all. The Corona pandemic has remodeled the trends many companies that were aware of the situations have already adapted to these situations. As the pandemic approached and affected everything people nowadays have also adapted to the trends that were created during the corona pandemic. As the technology is also at its peak new digital marketing trends are also created here in this blog Raymond Halliwell will talk about new and upcoming digital trends.

1- Shop Able Posts 

We have witnessed how people nowadays avoid contact with people and they also avoid going to places that are crowded. So this is the trend that has been at its peak. Shop able posts, people nowadays are looking all around the social media for the post from you can shop directly and avoid going to places that are crowded. According to Raymond Halliwell, people nowadays spend about 2 hours or more daily scrolling through their smartphones looking for brands and places to shop online so the trend most companies are following is creating shop-able posts.

2- Video Marketing or Blog Marketing 

A study has shown recently that consumers nowadays like to read about the product they are planning to buy but most people like to watch videos of the products. Video marketing is an active trend that is used by many companies to reach their audience. It, not only helps you reach consumers but also attract then companies spend thousands of dollars just to prepare good advertisement to engage their audience and attract even more audience.

3- Use of AI

At the rate that AI is developing it is sure that it will become the most important aspect in everything you can think of, so many companies are still using it and developing it. Many companies are using AI chat rooms that can interact with customers that visit or shop from your website. they are fully controlled by themselves and it provides a helping hand to the companies to take some burden off their employees.

4- Proper Use of Social Media

We need no introduction that how popular social media has grown up to date. But companies have now realised how important social media is for them. Most of the people in this world use social media platforms whether Facebook or Instagram and companies nowadays use these platforms to reach their customers and promote their products. It is the most reliable and cost-efficient way to promote your products and the time is near when social media platforms will be the biggest platform that companies will be battling out to acquire.

Companies are trying out new trends and platforms to acquire the market they lost during the pandemic and they are exploring new trends to get hold of the market in above article Raymond Halliwell discussed about the new and upcoming digital trends that are getting popular day by day.