The present situation of the outbreak of the pandemic—Covid-19 has been a very challenging situation in the current scenario. The sudden outbreak and spread of this virus have made the present scenario an extremely uncertain one. This is one of the most challenging times ever faced by humanity even in the past 100 years.

Every individual of the community and every sphere of life has been impacted by the spread of Covid-19. However, in the case of organizations and big companies, it is the HR which is playing the most crucial role in these challenging times. It has taken the onus of ensuring the integrated functioning of the organization whether it is an MNC or an Indian company.

Role of HR

The HR has been entrusted with the major responsibility of formulating policies such as work from home policy and ensuring its effective implementation.

For this to happen smoothly, HR has been diligently working on this Payroll Processing. The HR personnel prepared a list of the employee addresses and then dispatched official laptops to those employees who were not assigned one. Then the HR personnel made the IT personnel interact with the employees to ensure that they get access to the office server. Hence, this entire process of implementing the work from the home policy has been the responsibility of the HR fulfilled with proficiency.

HR in Challenging Times

Moreover, in some organizations, HR has devised flexible work from home policy. This implies that the HR understands the work-life balance which the employee has to maintain. Some of the employees who are married and have kids or else there are employees who have parents to be looked after; so the HR has devised the working policy in such a manner that the employees can balance responsibility both at home and workplace.

Not just this, the HR has been constantly working at boosting the morale of the employees which might indicate a slowdown due to the uncertainty around. For instance, the HR posts the name of the employee on their social media site for outstanding work in a month or quarter. This practice is beneficial for both the employees and the organization—for as long as the employee feels instigated to work hard, the employee tends to go a long way in the organization.

HR has to perform several essential tasks even for the remote workforce. It has to keep them working together and keep them engaged as well. In order to achieve this objective, the HR from time to time keeps conducting video calls and videoconference to interact with the employees. Moreover, HR also has been organizing online workshops to keep the employees engaged and updated with the changing scenario in the organization.

Therefore, to conclude, it can be easily understood that HR has been playing an instrumental role in overcoming the obstacles raised in these uncertain times. Gradually, with the passage of time, HR has overcome its conventional role and has become a dynamic and pivotal component of the organization.