Many of us do take precautions against certain things that can affect our well-being and health because we are aware of their effects. In case of injuries, infections, sickness and others you know what to do to prevent pain and get relieved but do you know about subluxation?

The fact that you did not experience any pain in your body at a particular time does mean something is not wrong because in some cases subluxation is not easily noticed in the body as there is no pain. Tom Gehrmann being a skilled chiropractor can help you identify this condition in your body and then create a treatment plan or focused adjustment that will improve your health.

In case you are still wondering what the term subluxation means. It is simply the misalignment of the vertebrae that form the spine or a partial dislocation that occurs in the joint. It is therefore very important to maintain a healthy spine because any problem within the spinal column can result in various health issues in the body. A chiropractor can help you maintain a healthy spine and as a result, keep the entire body healthy. Elbow, patella, spine and shoulder are the areas of the body where subluxation can occur.

Causes Of Subluxation

Various factors can result in subluxation in the body such as stress, anxiety, muscle strains, fall or accident and more which are categorized into three namely:
Physical, chemical and emotional factors.

Physical factors

It is very rare to suddenly develop subluxation in your body; it usually happens as a result of a traumatic event that affects the spine or causes injuries to the tendons and muscles in the spine. A car accident can result in back pain, muscle tightness and spasms which can also cause spinal misalignment. Subluxation of the spine can happen as a result of frequent and repeated trauma in the body. The condition can gradually occur due to bad body posture while sitting (or working) or carrying a heavy bag on one particular shoulder daily causing misalignment of the spine. Whatever the case may be you can always reach out to Tom Gehrmann the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Chemical factors

Based on studies it is evident that chemicals can negatively affect muscle and muscle tone. The harmful chemicals that are introduced into the body through foods, liquids, air and drugs can obstruct the body’s function and the capacity to deal with stresses both internally and externally. All of which can affect the general function of the system and can cause weak muscles. The spine relies on the muscles to help keep it in place which means the spine can shift when the muscle tone reduces.

Emotional factors

The overall health of an individual can be affected by emotions and when the person keeps experiencing constant or repeated emotional stress then it can negatively affect the physical well-being of the individual. Emotional stress can increase the risk of muscle fatigue or spasms as a result of the muscle constantly being tightened up. When this happens the muscle can get fatigued which can cause spine misalignment resulting in subluxation because the muscles and tendons cannot hold the spine straight causing it to shift gradually.

Subluxation often starts painlessly which makes it difficult for those with the condition not to be aware. But in the long run, if care is not taken it can result in systemic dysfunction and other health problems. Chiropractor Colorado Springs will ensure a thorough examination and physical assessment of your body to detect any subluxation as it can already be affecting your body before the symptoms become evident. The necessary adjustment is made to restore your health and well-being.

Effects Of Subluxation

The nervous system is responsible for the control and coordination of the body system such as movements, thought and others. The spine being the main part of the nervous system means that any misalignment can disrupt its proper functioning and that of your organs. It can also lead to other health issues in the body. The following are some means through which subluxation can affect your health.

Physical problem

The misalignment or partial dislocation of your spine can result in some physical problems like constant headaches, pain, irritation, stiffness, tenderness, weight gain and general back discomfort.

Reduced mental capacity

When a spine is misaligned it can lead to difficulty in concentrating on any task or work due to the brain becoming foggy.

Emotional issues

In rare cases when subluxation is not treated it can lead to emotional instability which can develop into anxiety and depression depending on the condition.

Constant Sickness

Since subluxation affects the proper functioning of the nervous system and the overall health it means your body cannot fully defend itself against any invaders. As a result, the risk of getting sick will increase due to immune deficiency.

Final Thought

Subluxation normally occurs as a result of the displacement of the spinal cord which in turn affects the normal function of the nervous system. With the help of chiropractic care, adjustments can be made to restore the normal function of the system and your health as well. Tom Gehrmann can help you to detect a subluxation and create a treatment plan that is specific to you based on your condition to make you recover from it and restore your health in no time.