8 Best Technology Gadgets in Sydney

Written by Shylesh Sriranjan | May 28, 2019

No doubt there are plenty of people in the world but Shylesh Sriranjan is gadget lover and always like to stay updated with the upcoming technology and latest gadgets. What? You too love gadgets and love to explore about them every time you get an opportunity. If this is true, then what are you waiting for? Let’s explore more about few best technology gadgets of 2019 that getting popularity in Sydney with the gadget guru Shylesh Sriranjan.

Dyson Airwrap Dyson Airwrap

So no to damage hair as Dyson Airwrap is here. Gone are the days when heat damage your hair when you try to style your hair with rod and roller. This new and innovative device consists of a Coanda jet-flow effect which allows planes airborne to curl and style hair. No doubt, you need to learn how to coax your locks, but at least you can get rid of those heat damage devices that signed your foreheads.

Sonos One, Hay Edition Sonos One, Hay Edition

The first most popular Sonos’s multiroom speakers introduced in the industry loaded with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. Experts consider it as one of the best music-focused smart speakers with numerous features available in the market. Most people may not know that Sonon One, hay edition is limited-edition version comes in five different colors.

VanMoof Electrified X2 VanMoof Electrified X2

VanMoof Electrifies X2 is one of the latest models from the Dutch e-bike maker and getting amazing feedbacks and reviews. When it comes to its range, it is approximately 90 miles, travel at 25km/h. Also, it offers a feature of anti-theft devices. So if you are fond of bikes with the amazing latest technology, try this out!

Tangram Smart Rope Tangram Smart Rope

Tangram Smart Rope is an amazing device as it helps in tracking your fitness data when you jump. It contains 23 LED lights that will show your workout stats before letting it sync to your phone with the help of its Smart Gym mobile app. You may have never experienced skipping with such amazing and innovative technology.

Jabra 65t Active Jabra 65t Active

Jabra 65t Active is the first choice for those who love listening to music, talking on the phone, and listen to motivating podcasts. It gives the user an amazing experience to make your listening to music habit more strong.

DJI Mavic Air DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air I all set to fetch your attention. It contains an amazing feature which helps you to fold up this device and carry in an anorak pocket. In addition, it has three-way gimbal feature that offers you rocksteady filming, a foldable remote control, and UHD shooting. Isn’t cool and exciting?

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Garmin Vivosmart 4

The vívosmart 4 contains amazing monitoring tools that help in tracking everything from your blood oxygen levels to your sleep cycles and stress levels. Now you can check your health progress while sitting anywhere with this device. No doubt, the band is pretty delicate, but when it comes features, its battery monitors its owner for 7 to 8 days between charging.

Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace

While people are busy in praising Tesla’s Elon Musk, here Jaguar has launched a high- performance SUV. According to the manufacturer, it gives a range of 292 miles per charge, but as per reviewers, it is only closer to 200. When it comes to its looks, acceleration, and zero- emissions, it is the best option to invest your money.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the few best technology gadgets setting trend in across the world and loved and admired by almost every gadget lover including Shylesh Sriranjan.

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