Text Annotation is merely highlighting the written texts in a document to make it easily recognizable to others, basically, we are talking here about machines that can use such texts to memorize into the artificial brain.

In machine learning, texts are annotated with the purpose of training such machines for developing an automated system. Apart from outlining the keywords, metadata is also added to make it more comprehensible to machines.

Text Annotation Examples

Text annotation examples in machine learning are available in the form of annotated sentences, phrases or words in natural language processing. The descriptive words or texts are highlighted available in any language helping machines to understand the language of humans they basically used while communicating with each other. These annotated texts are used as training data in machine learning to develop an AI-based model.

In tutorials or education filed, text annotation is done with the purpose of highlighting or underline certain parts of the text, such as key terms, definitions, or other details that seem important. Similarly, in machine learning, annotators highlight or underline the keywords that are more important and must be perceived by the machine for future reference. For more comprehensive examples of text annotation in machine learning check the images below.

How Text Annotation is Done?

Annotating text is not a challenging task, as you can find the inbuilt annotation tools in your computer’s document to highlight the words, phrases or entire sentence with additional comments or metadata for others to understand the significance. But in machine learning, a specific tool is used manually by humans to check the important or targeted keywords or phrases and sentences helping to process the natural language into machine memory.

In machine learning mainly the texts are annotated in different shades of colors and metadata is also added to descriptive texts by experienced annotators side-by-side annotations without linking any other file for ensuing the ML development accuracy. And there are different types of tools and software providing the solution to annotators to annotate the text carefully.

Anolytics offers a text annotation service for machine learning and AI development. It is working with professionals to carry out the text annotation process with the best accuracy. Anolytics ensure the quality and privacy of data to make sure to deliver a reliable annotation service at a low cost. And apart from text annotation, it is also dedicatedly involved in data annotation and image annotation to cater to the training data for machine learning and AI model development.

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