Life is full of varied experiences, some of them are beautiful, and some are worse. One such experience that plays a vital role in life is presenting gifts to near and dear ones. Gifts help to convey the message of love, wishes, and congratulatory messages to your loved ones. They make every occasion and celebration more beautiful and connect you with your precious ones even there is a far distance between you and them. Gifting is a lovely way to make you close ones happier and to tell them how they are special and unique to you. Whenever you are not able to speak your heart out, gifts come to help you in a beautiful way and convey your right message simply. From grand celebration to the little event, and to make someone feel special or to give someone surprise, gifts add magical moments and make those time unforgettable one. It’s a life where everyone once upon a time has to face worse times and struggle with something terrible. Right? At that time, gifts work as a mood changer and lift their mood with happiness. Giving a present to your loved ones give them lovely experiences that are sure to be cherished for a very long time. They not only make your loved ones happy but also enhance love and stronger your bond in your relations.

Picking a perfect gift is an art, and it should be something which correctly conveys your message to the receiver. Making the right gift selection takes research, planning, and personal attention. While picking the best gifts for loved ones, you need to take into consideration the receivers likes and dislikes, their personality, and preferences. Also, the present needs to be thoughtful and user-friendly at the same time. When picking a gift for a loved one,  you need to put in more effort to ensure a “wow” moment for the receiver when they get a present from your side. It’s always a hard decision to choose a gift for someone. Many people like to buy gifts for their loved ones from online websites and many likes offline shopping. Ones who are away from their family, friends, and relatives, go for online shopping and send gifts online to them. With a variety of gift items, many situations show online shopping is not always the perfect and same case with offline shopping as well.

Cons of Online Gift Shopping

A number of gifts, varieties of items, and eye-catching looks definitely attract you, but there are high chances that the product delivered to you may not be the same as shown in the picture. It’s necessary to know the quality of the product you ordered. It’s my recent experience of shopping online cloth that I m going to share with you. I ordered a bold red top for my best friend, and when I received it on my hands, it was totally different from that image shown on the website. Thus, I don’t like online items as I got a bad experience.

Fix – price

On the online website when you go for buying any product or item, you get fix price on that. Right? You don’t know precisely the owner or product seller. Hence there is no chance to do bargaining with the person “marketer.” I always follow this trick so that I can get the desired item on negotiable price. From edible items to clothes, or electric gadgets to gift options, all are at fix price that and it’s a little bit the reason I don’t like the online website as much.

Delay On Delivery

Meeting with your loved ones is not always possible when its times of their special occasion or celebration. In that, many of you go for online shopping. Many of you send flowers online, and many others go for online gifting for their loved ones as per their dear one’s choice. I stay away from my best friend, and there is a distance between us. I never let distance to affect our friendship. I used to meet her on her special occasion, especially on her birthday. But it’s her last birthday I couldn’t be able to meet her and sent a cake which was not delivered on fix time. The delay in delivery spoiled my surprise. And it’s a reason I don’t prefer online shopping.

Payments Are Not Refundable

Once you order the product and receive it on your hand, you can’t get back the money if the product is not perfect as you wish. You have to make so many calls to customer care and put mails to refund your payments. It’s also hard to change the product as per your demand because it takes more time as I experienced. And that is a huge reason I don’t like to shop online.

Mostly Cash On Delivery Is Not Available

While you shop online, you are using via card, and it is a well-known fact that many people tend to spend extra money when they are using their card. So, you can end up crossing your budget quickly if you are involved in online purchasing. You need to be very strict with yourself so that you do not end up making this blunder.

Possibility of Scam

In the case of online shopping, there is a chance of the possibility of scam. Let me tell my recent experience with online shopping. I ordered a makeup kit for my younger sister, and rightly, I received the product on my doorstep. And few later I received a call that I am 25th lucky customer who wins the lucky draw. They told me you win a car and one lakh cash but to get that you need to pay 6000 for the registration fee. They called me again and again, but I blocked them. And later one I came to know one of my close friends cheated by them and they took her 6000. So there is the chance of scams.

Cons of Offline Gift Shopping

Buying gifts from an online store is quite easy, but when it comes to offline shopping, then you have to struggle a lot. It’s my personal experience, which I have faced during my offline shopping.

Shortage of Varieties

Offline shopping provides shorter options for products and items! Whatever you want to shop, you never get exactly what you want to buy. Offline shopping is a place where you can limited options being sold by hundreds of stores. And when you don’t get the thing you need, you go to other shops and then buy the product by hitting your desire. Its take you more time and more energy.

Take Much Time

On the offline shopping, you need to give extra time for a single product. As today’s busy life schedule, it’s hard to provide more time to buy an item and present for someone special. Its make other things shuffle that you can’t do correctly in a short period. As I’ m working and I have a lot of work which I have to do on deadline. It’s hard for me to invest more time on offline shopping for someone and me as well.

Expensive or Lack of Discounts

At online shopping, you can get special offers, deals, cash-backs, and discounts, but at physical shopping, there are no such facilities. You have to pay more money, where you don’t get the perfect quality and satisfaction. It decreases the buyer’s interest in shopping. And that’s why most of you choose online shopping as compared to offline.

Chance Of Dispute With Seller

In offline shopping, maybe it’s a chance to dispute with the retailer. Just think you shopped as a dress for your dear friend or bought an electric gadget. Later on, you find that the clothing you bought for your best friend is loose or the device is not working correctly. You definitely go to return the product. Right? And then there can be a chance to debate with the shopkeeper. Maybe the seller refunds you less money or perhaps he doesn’t take the product back.

Huge brands have a significant online presence, but that urn at the ancient store around the corner? You can never get that online. So don’t look at these options as an either/or choice. Shoppers expect both to be pleasant, and companies are starting to cater to both audiences.