A large number of non-native English speakers live in the UAE, and many people there need to translate English to Arabic UAE frequently for work, school, or life in general.

This guide will give you some background information on why so many people need to translate English to Arabic in UAE.

As well as five of the top reasons you should use the service for your translation needs there.

1) Communication Barriers

Keeping everyone on board during an international project can be a daunting challenge.

especially when you consider that team members might not be speaking (or reading) your language.

This is especially true if you’re working with people who are new to your industry or customers whose cultures and customs may differ from your own.

Translation services aren’t just helpful for conversations. They can also help overcome cultural barriers and prevent disagreements from arising between those who speak different languages but use familiar words and phrases differently.

By taking that extra step, you will undoubtedly increase efficiency on both sides of a project.

it’s just another way to build positive connections with people across cultural boundaries.

2) Conveying Your Message

Translating your message is a task that requires you to carefully choose words and phrases. But it also demands that you stay true to your audience and purpose.

One of your main goals as a translator is conveying meaning as accurately as possible, regardless of whether or not it was presented originally in Arabic or English.

When determining how best to translate English to Arabic UAE or something from one language into another, always keep that goal—accuracy—in mind.

But remember too that translators do more than simply translate words: they translate English to Arabic UAE messages.

Your job is to understand how concepts are conveyed by different cultures. If one culture uses metaphors for everything, for example.

Be sure to grasp those metaphorical expressions and use them when appropriate with other cultures!

And if you’re translating English to Arabic, be aware that some things may sound silly if translated literally (for example, saying I am happy today would sound strange).

The trick is knowing which cultural nuances will come across well in translation.

3) Reach More People

As of January 2017, statistics show that 73.1% of Arabs are using social media regularly, with only 44.7% using it daily.

With so many users on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s important for you to use local language keywords. If you want your brand message to reach as many people as possible. And why wouldn’t you?

Creating content online should be an enjoyable experience and it’s impossible when you don’t feel like your audience gets what you’re saying.

That’s where language comes into play: if your content professionally translates English to Arabic UAE or from one language to another.

Then more people will get it—and that means a larger target audience for your business!

A professional translation service can help by taking away any anxiety or confusion around translating copy for different languages and cultures.

You might also consider hiring someone who has lived abroad before. These individuals can provide insights into how words mean different things in different countries.

Which is extremely helpful if you’re looking to tap into new markets across borders.

They may even know some cultural hacks around SEO that can help increase traffic coming from certain regions of the world.

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4) Offer Great Customer Service

If you want your business to succeed, it is essential that you provide excellent customer service.

Your business will fail if you don’t offer customers excellent service, whether online or offline.

No matter what type of business you have, a satisfied customer is a repeat customer and one who will tell others about their experience with your company.

For many businesses, poor customer service can lead to an angry backlash on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Once a negative review is posted online it can be shared thousands of times and impact your reputation negatively for years.

You don’t want potential customers seeing negative comments about your business before they even get involved with it.

5) Save Time and Money


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Traditionally, translation involved paper and ink. In today’s digital world, you can connect with a translator directly on your mobile device or computer.

Translation done at scale is more affordable than ever before.

It’s not uncommon for translation services to offer rush rates for documents that translate English into Arabic UAE for as little as $10 per 1,000 words.

Much less than it would cost using a professional translator’s hourly rate.

The only drawback is that these low-cost services are typically automated translations, which often result in mistranslations and other problems.

However, if your document isn’t critical to business operations or communication, consider trying an automated service first.

If you need higher-quality results, you can always request human translation after receiving an initial draft of your document.